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Henna Hair Dye & Henna for Hair

henna for hairWe sell a wonderful array of natural, organic Henna based hair dyes for your hair giving it a beautiful natural colour without chemicals, leaving it healthy, shiny and volumized.

Choose from a wide range of natural henna hair dyes  

We have divided them into 2 categories of henna types:

1. The products in the left column are branded natural Herbal Hair Colours containing henna mixed with other natural plant powders. The brands include Logona, Sante, & It's Pure Organics.

2. The products in the right column are simply pure organic henna powder for hair colour and other single ingredients which you can buy to mix to your own recipes. All these single ingredients come with thorough instructions and tips on how to use them.

All the henna for hair and natural hair dyes we sell are 100% natural, with no metalic salts, PPD, ammonia, peroxide or any other chemicals. 

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(Ready mixed hair colours made from henna and other natural plant ingredients)
(Ingredients you can mix together to make your own hair colours) 

It's Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colours

100% natural, Soil Association Certified Organic hair dyes made in the UK. Good grey coverage.

Pure Organic Red Henna Powder
Simple pure henna powder with nothing else added which you can use on its own for red copper shade or mix with other plant powders

Logona Herbal Hair Colour Powders
These are henna based herbal hair dyes. Henna mixed with other plants to achieve 11 different shades from blonde to black+

Pure Organic Indigo powder
Darkens brown hair or use in combination with henna to get red/brown, brown or black shades.

Logona Herbal Hair Colour Creams
These are easy to use creams containing  henna mixed with other plant ingredients. Available in 5 shades.
Henna and Indigo Combi packs

Body Art Henna and Indigo Combis

or  Hair Quality Henna and Indigo Combis
Buy Henna and Indigo together. Use them for achieving red/brown, brown or black shades.


Sante Natural Colour Creams
All natural easy to use creams in 5 shades

Pure Organic Cassia Powder
For increasing your hair shine and volume, and/or for colouring blonde hair. You can also mix it with henna powder.

Sante Herbal Hair Colours

Sante Herbal Hair Colours

100% natural. Available in 9 shades from strawberry blonde to black.

 Amla Powder
Organic Amla Powder

Use as a hair conditioner or mix with your henna and indigo combination to help tone down the red of the henna.




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