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  • How to mix henna with other plants to get colour variations
  • How to distinguish between good and bad henna
  • Where to buy really pure henna
  • Questions and answers about henna

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This 22 page Henna Guide, written by Tricia Cartmell, Suvarna's original founder, and expert on natural hair dyes and henna, contains a wealth of knowledge, suitable for both beginners as well as experienced henna users. It is still one of the best reference guides ever written about this wonderful botanical.

Henna is a plant that has been used for thousands of years as a non-harmful, beautiful colourant for body art and hair colouring. It is a versatile dye, and can be mixed with other plant dyes to create any number of different shades on your hair. Unlike most available chemical hair dyes, it does not damage your hair, your skin, or your health. In fact, it is a volumising, shine-enhancing conditioner for your hair that nourishes and improves the hair's health.

The Good Henna Guide explains how to prepare henna properly in order to release the maximum dye content and achieve optimum hair dyeing results. It shows how to apply henna to your hair with colour photographs. And it explains how to achieve a variety of colours by mixing henna with other plants such as indigo or cassia. There are  also before and after pictures.

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