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Covering Grey with Logona Herbal Hair Colours

Grey hair is notoriously hard to cover with totally natural hair dyes.  But for over 30 years countless women around the world have been successfully using Logona herbal hair colours for colouring their grey hair.  However because it coats the hair strand with a coloured glaze, it will produce a lighter shade on the grey hair than on the none grey hair. 

Logona hair colours generally produce a lighter colour on white hairs. The Natural Brown and Brown Umber usually give a blondish/beige shade on white hair. The Coffee Brown and Chocolate Brown give a darker shade on grey. If you use one of the reddish shades you get more of a reddish blonde on grey hair.  See the shade chart for an approximate guide to the colour to expect. The more grey you have the lighter the overall colour result will be. The different colour gradations in your hair, including the grey/white can produce fascinating multi-coloured or highlight effects. 

Applying several coats
Applying several coats can give better coverage of the grey. You must wait at least 12 hours before putting another coat on. Putting several layers of these hair colours on your hair will not damage your hair or have any side effects. You can put another layer on every day.

Applying heat
Applying heat during the processing time greatly improves the coverage of grey. This is done after applying the dye and covering your hair with the plastic cap supplied and then applying heat with a hair dryer for say 15 minutes. 

Hair preparation before colouring
For best results your hair should be completely clean before colouring and should not have any residue of product such as hair spray, oil, serum on your hair as this could prevent the colour from adhering to your hair. If you have been using silicone based serums or styling products this is very difficult to remove from your hair with shampoo so we recommend using Logona Colour Plus prior to colouring.

Avoiding an orange tint on grey hair
If you put a colour containing a lot of henna on to grey or white hair there is a risk that it can give a light orange tint to it.  If you only have a few white hairs it may not be noticeable, but if you have a lot of white or grey hairs, more than 30%, or solid areas of grey/white, it is more noticeable.  

If you wish to avoid an orange tint it would be best to use the brown shades with less henna in them. The shades with less henna in them are Natural BrownBrown Umber  Coffee Brown or Chocolate brown in the Hair Colour Powders, or Nougat Brown in the Colour Creams.

A small percentage of people’s hair will go orange very easily on their grey hair due to acidity levels in their hair, and will find that any of the shades will go orange on them except for the Henna Black shade.

The Henna Black shade can sometimes be used to mix with another shade such as Brown Umber or Natural Brown to reduce the red or orange tint.

Stubborn Grey
Certain hair types are more difficult to colour with natural hair dyes - such as hair which is very healthy, coarse, smooth or shiny, and certain types of Asian hair. For this type of hair it takes more work, and in particular, all the application tips for maximum effect, such as applying heat with a hair dryer, should be rigorously followed.  It may also require several applications to build up the colour to the desired depth.  The hair at the temples can be more stubborn than the rest of the hair.  

There are a small percentage of people who have extremely stubborn grey hair and cannot cover grey at all with any kind of natural hair dye - however this is quite rare.

Covering grey hair at the temples
This can be the most difficult hair to dye with a natural hair dye. The following tips will help to improve the coverage of grey in this area:
1. If most of the grey is covered except for the temples then the dye can be applied several times on consecutive days just to this small area without putting it all over your head.
2. Apply more heat with a hair dryer to this area.
3. Make sure the elastic from the warming cap is not squeezing the dye out of this area.

Getting Very Dark Colours on Grey Hair
Applying the tips here will help to strengthen the colour on grey hair but Logona natural hair dyes are quite mild and do not radically change your hair colour, for example, hair with a very large percentage of grey or completely white will not become a very dark colour. If you need a very dark colour on grey hair we would recommend using something else that is 100% natural but a little less easy to use - that is pure henna and pure indigo you can read about this here...

Henna Black and Henna Black Intense shades are not suitable for applying directly to grey hair on its own as it can sometimes give a bluish tint because it contains indigo. It is better to mix the black with the Brown Umber or apply a coat of Brown Umber first. The suggested percentage of Henna Black to mix with the brown umber is 10% to 25% black.

The Copper Blonde Colour Cream will often give a very light colour on the grey which is hardly noticeable unless you have naturally very light coloured hair. In this case you can mix it with nougat brown to give better coverage of grey.

You cannot lighten your hair with natural dyes.

You can also mix black tea with the powders to achieve a darker colour. Remember to remove the leaves from the Tea bag as these bags may contain bleach. 

Always do a strand test first.
With natural hair dyes you dont know exactly how a shade is going to turn out on your hair until you try it.  You need to experiment to find out what shade and number of applications will achieve the desired results. Always do a strand test first.

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