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Hair Styling

A complete range of chemical free, BDIH certified products to style, shape and hold hair without the damaging effects of commercial styling products.

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Eco Cosmetics Hair Gel

Eco Cosmetics Hair Gel£9.95

A water resistant hair gel for long lasting hold. For all hair types, for glossy and revitalised hair.

Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse

Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse£10.95

Perfect for volume and hold, with organic goji berry. For easy styling, and smooth, frizz-free hair.

Eco Cosmetics Hair Spray

Eco Cosmetics Hair Spray£10.95

An ultra light hair spray for perfect hold without stickiness. Strengthens and protects the hair.

Forsters Wide Tooth Wooden Comb

Forsters Wide Tooth Wooden Comb£13.95

Made of beech wood, ideal for all hair types. Eco-friendly, vegan friendly and hand crafted.

Logona Aloe Vera Moisturising Heat Protection Spray

Logona Aloe Vera Moisturising Heat Protection Spray£10.95

A heat protection spray that can also be used to condition dry, damaged hair.

Odylique Chamomile and Coconut Detangling Conditioner

Odylique Chamomile and Coconut Detangling Conditioner£12.50

A soothing conditioner for sensitive scalps, it helps smooth and condition hair.

Odylique Lavender Detangling Conditioner

Odylique Lavender Detangling Conditioner£12.50

A soothing conditioner with beautiful lavender scent, it helps smooth and condition hair.

Sante Natural Hair Spray

Sante Natural Hair Spray£9.95

Sante hair spray offers excellent hold without the compromise of harsh damaging chemicals

Sante Natural Hair Styling Foam Mousse

Sante Natural Hair Styling Foam Mousse£9.95   £6.96

Sante natural hair styling mousse brings your hair naturally into form without the use of aggressive chemicals

Currently 30% off with a best before of 12/22.
Sante Natural Hair Styling Gel

Sante Natural Hair Styling Gel£7.95

Sante natural styling gel with birch leaf extract is easy to apply and gives good hold without toxic chemicals.

Sante Natural Hair Styling Wax

Sante Natural Hair Styling Wax£8.95

Ideal for giving hold and definition to short or layered hair without Harsh Chemicals

Suvarna Curly Girl Method Hair Bundle

Suvarna Curly Girl Method Hair Bundle£26.60   £22.60

Our own take on the Curly Girl Method, a bundle worth 26.60 with the Shikakai no poo cleanser, Odylique detangling conditioner and Sante hair gel.

Tabitha Eve Plastic Free Hair Ties

Tabitha Eve Plastic Free Hair Ties£9.99

Plastic Free Hair Ties - sustainable and kind to your hair.


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items


Adopting a natural approach can help to alleviate the stress that styling takes a toll on even the strongest hair.  

Heat exposure, brushing, being tied up and daily washing can lead to hair that breaks, is dry and can make a sensitive scalp much more reactive. 

Organic and natural products can help to make a big difference very quickly, leaving hair shiny, curls defined and split-ends much reduced. 


First up, you need to look at your tools.  Plastic brushes and combs are a no-no especially on wet hair.  Switch to a very wide-toothed, detangling comb in a material like wood or bamboo which ‘drags’ the hair much less. 

If you have hair that is very prone to knots or tangles,natural hair experts recommend  a simple detangling conditioner, followed by a short final rinse in cold water (not hot, which causes frizz) to close and  smooth the cuticles flat, making it easier to comb without having to pull at the hair.  

If you’re drying your hair naturally, simply scrunch a natural mousse through it and pat (not rub) it dry with an organic cotton towel.  We’d recommend natural hair drying at least 50% of the time if possible. 

If you’re styling your hair with a dryer or heat styling tools, it’s always wise to use a protective pre-treatment to help prevent damage.  One with ingredients like Aloe Vera is especially good on finer hair types which need to avoid being weighed down. 

Traditional hair protection sprays contain a lot of silicon, which can stop colour sticking and causes the hair to be weighed down.

After a quick blast with the dryer, comb through some mousse from root to tip, then carefully finish styling with a natural hair brush, ensuring you point the dryer downwards toward the end of the hair for best results. 

Extra Natural Hair Styling tips:

To tame fly-aways spray your hairspray on your brush, not your hair then smooth it over 

Natural/raw silk or tumble dryer sheets make a great option for de-frizzing in a hurry

Use the textured side of a hair grip NOT the flat side against the scalp for hold

Do a deeper hair cleanse and condition at least once a month 

Wind hair around a silk scarf at night and gently knot to prevent pillow damage and encourage beach waves 


Learn more over in the hair information centre. If you want to know more or have specific product questions get in touch and our experts are happy to help.








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