Colouring Your Hair Strawberry Blonde With Cassia and a Henna

29 CommentsThursday, 3 May 2012  |  Tricia

When you mix our Cassia powder with something acidic, such as lemon juice, it brings out a yellow/blonde dye. This can be mixed with a very small amount of henna, resulting in a strawberry blonde shade, or redder tones in the blonde. 

To achieve this look, firstly, you must mix the Cassia and Henna powders together with a mix of lemon juice and water, leaving a smooth paste, similar to the consistency of yogurt. Next, cover the mix with clingfilm and leave to for 8-12 hours, allowing the dyes to release.

When you are ready to apply the dye, apply your gloves and make sure to protect your clothing and surrounding areas, as the dye can drip off your hair. Divide your hair into sections and apply the paste section by section. 

Finally, cover your hair with a cap and leave to develop for 1-2 hours. Rinse out and condition your hair as usual. 

If this is the first time you are using cassia or henna, do a strand test first.  Be careful not to use too much henna as only a tiny bit of henna has a strong effect on the cassia.

These dyes cannot lighten your hair, so to acheive strawberry blonde your hair must already be a light colour.

We sell very good quality certified organic henna here and cassia here... The full instructions are included in the package.

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Let us know if you try this method to achieve naturally strawberry blonde hair!


Sunday, 6 October 2013  |  15:53

Hello. With one of the before and after pictures it said they used yoghurt instead of lemon juice. Does this work the same way? Do you leave it for the same time? Do you put it in the fridge? Thank you.

Sunday, 11 October 2015  |  12:21

I think they meant yoghurt like in consistency, not that they used yoghurt

Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  15:19

You can mix Cassia with yoghurt instead of lemon juice because it works as an acid liquid to activate the yellow colour in Cassia. It is confusing because it is mixed to the consistency of yoghurt too!

Saffina Kauser
Friday, 27 June 2014  |  21:13

Hi Tricia,

I have purchased henna from you before and have absolutely loved it. I have very dark brown hair and the henna just gives it a subtle red shine in the sun.

What effect would using Cassia powder in the mix have on the end colour. I understand it won't lighten my hair at all but can it make the red tones stronger?

Also I usually use around 200g of henna on all of my hair what proportions should I use in a henna and cassia mix?

Thank you in advance!

Friday, 4 July 2014  |  12:23

Hi Saffina
If you mix cassia with henna it will dilute the colour on the henna. If your hair is very dark and you mix a lot of cassia with your henna, then the colour may not show up on your hair.

If you are already using henna on your hair this will give you the shine and volume, so you dont need to use cassia as well, unless you want to have a less strong red colour.

Thursday, 3 September 2015  |  5:59

Hi there, I have chemically highlighted hair and I'm naturally dark brown with these highlights to disguise the grey coming in. Not only is this too expensive I also have an allergy to hair dye and this is the reason highlights only. Can you advise if this goes on to grey areas will it lift them into the coulour shown as they're light areas . Also are cassia and henna allergenic ? I'm assuming you know some henna can carry ppd if not pure ... if I order here will he henna I order is totally ppd free? I really like the look of this colour as a highlighter to the grey I'm getting.

Saturday, 27 June 2015  |  21:11

Hi, I am a dark blonde and would like to get subtle red tones. How much cassia and henna did you use, as in, what were the proportions?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015  |  20:47

Hi, Cassia will not lighten your hair. You can get a blonde effect on grey/white hairs though. This can give the impression of highlights if the rest of your hair is naturally light coloured. If the rest of your hair is dark then the light blonde of the cassia on grey/white hairs may not show in contrast to your dark hair. None of our henna, cassia or any of our other products contain PPD.

Amira El Tarouti
Saturday, 22 October 2016  |  17:09

Hello, I have just received the cassia leaves i ordered from Suvarna and have a few questions. (A) will steeped chamomile tea mixed in with the cassia produce a blonde effect on the whites? (B) how long does it take for a strand test to show the colour this mix would produce? Thank you

Thursday, 3 November 2016  |  19:26

Dear Amira
It is best if you mix the Cassia with an acidic liquid to get the blonde effect. Chamomile does not give a very strong effect and it washes straight out with the next wash.
When strand testing you leave the paste on the strand for as long as you would if it were all over your hair. I would expect that you see the effect of cassia straight away after washing the paste out of your hair.

Friday, 27 January 2017  |  19:55

This is long but I must share my distress! I am SO grateful for this article. I am hoping if I order from you, you give the exact amount for this tutorial that produced this color.
Growing up I was auburn and in the summers my hair would lighten to a strawberry especially the ends. When I got older I moved to a sunny location and then my hair would be all year, the strawberries color that was reserved more for my summer in the sun tint with the ends now even lighter to an almost butter platinum. I saw my first greys at 16 and they never really bothered me intermingled with the red. But then as I went more grey after kids, it seemed that the hairs that were not yet grey (but previously red ) turned a dark and dull, an almost ash color. Mousey is the word you used!! Ugh so awful I must also mention I had health issues and was on numerous medication and I am guessing that was reflected in my hair (texture, brittleness and color) I could not figure out what to do with my hair. Because it was always such a lovely range of shades almost a natural ombre..I could not figure out how to color my greys without darkening the entire head (because of the now drab non-greys) Dying would eliminate it's multicolor trait. So I just let it go.
Now my roots are 1 inch of white shortly after that is a lot of silver and the rest is like a golden red (what is left of the natural red).
Because of my health issues I refuse to use dye. Henna was a perfect solution and cassia was the perfect way to dilute or tone down the I ♥ Lucy Red. I just could not figure out how to get started without ending up with clowny colored roots. I am now much more used to a much lighter red (and roots) IF those pics are your after...Your after is so perfect to color my roots without color shock. It will also color the grey strands that are throughout the redder part of my length without darkening them.
Can you please tell me 1) If the exact instructions for this tutorial (amount of henna and cassia that was used here for this result) comes with the purchase? 2) If you ship to the states? Thank you Thank you. I look forward to your response!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017  |  19:34

The colour above was achieved by mixing 80g of Cassia Powder with half a teaspoon of Organic Body Art Quality Henna, and soaking the mixture overnight in lemon juice. The paste was then applied to the hair and left on for two hours.
On your hair this may turn out different as the resulting colour would depend on your initial hair colour. If you have have a lot of solid white it would be more orange than this where the white is. The best thing to do is to try a small area, strand test before putting it all over your hair to avoid an unwanted colour.

Monday, 19 February 2018  |  9:45


My hair is very dark brown. I hav foir months of roots with 40% of grey and the rest ends is light as I have dyed my hair in the past. I want to use mixed cassia and henna . Can you tell me exactly how much to put of each and exactly how long to leave it on, you mention as long as one wish but how long is that?
Also if I am sensitive to lemon it means I won't be able to use the mix? Or do you know any other alternative ? You said that if I use chamomile with the mix it will wash out, how long after the color will fade with chamomile?
Also this mix of casia and chamomile will give me which colour in my dark hair and which colour in my greys?
Thank you

Monday, 19 February 2018  |  10:10

I bought your products henna and cassia . I had past reactions with all the other brands and the called natural dyes I will try henna and cassia this time. Can you tell me how do I do a test first and exactly long do I leave it for? To see if I have a reaction?

Tuesday, 20 February 2018  |  12:01

Dear Zuly
Cassia and a small amount of henna for the purpose of getting a strawberry blonde shade would not give any colour on on top of very dark brown hair because it will not lighten your hair and it is semi-transparent, so the dark brown would show through the light strawberry blonde colour. If you have white grey roots you could get a light strawberry blonde shade on that with cassia and a small amount of henna, but it would not match your very dark brown hair and would should a band of a different colour at the top.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018  |  12:08

Dear Zuly
If you wanted to colour your grey roots a dark brown shade to match the rest of your hair colour it would best if you used a mixture of henna and indigo powder which we do sell.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018  |  12:07

Hi Zuly, Our cassia and henna are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals, but some people can still get reactions to natural ingredients too. To do a patch test put a small amount of paste on the inside of your elbow. Leave for 48 hours. If any reaction occurs (itching, flakiness, redness) you may have a reaction to the hair colour.
However check my reply to my previous post as henna and cassia mix may not give the right colour for your hair.

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