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Colouring Grey Hair Black

To get a strong dark colour on grey hair there is no 100% natural hair dye which is very easy and quick to apply. Our natural henna based powder hair dyes are the strongest products for getting a strong colour on grey hair. 

It is not possible to get a black shade on grey with one application, it has to be a 2 step process. The best thing to try for the most effective way to get black on grey hair is pure henna and indigo. We have many customers who manage to get a black shade with this. But it doesn’t work for everyone.

Henna and Indigo 2 Step Process
This is a technique of using pure henna (with no other plants added) and pure indigo (with no other plants added) applied in separate applications. In a nutshell this technique involves mixing up pure henna paste and leaving it on your hair for a couple of hours, rinse it off and dry your hair, and your grey hair goes orange. Then apply pure indigo paste and leave that on for a couple of hours and then rinse that off and the orange hair is supposed to go black. Be prepared for a very messy lengthy procedure - it takes all day. This henna followed by indigo technique can be more effective at covering grey to a very dark colour than using the kind of ready mixed natural hair dye blends such as Logona that we sell here. Pure Henna and Indigo can be purchased here.

Dark Brown Followed by Indigo
If you don’t want to use a layer of red henna on your hair you could try first dying your hair with the It’s Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colour Dark Brown. On white/grey hair this may not be as dark as dark brown but if all your grey hair is covered to at least a light to medium brown shade you can then apply another application of pure indigo paste and leave this on your hair for a couple of hours. Indigo paste should not be applied to very light coloured or grey hair as it can go a bluish colour. It's Pure Dark Brown can be purchased here.

Everyone's hair is different in terms of your initial hair colour, and the structure and chemistry of your hair and reacts differently to different colours. So it is impossible to predict exactly how the colour will be on different people’s hair.
For this reason, we always recommend strand testing before putting it all over your hair. See this article about how to strand test. If you have a lot of grey at the temples the grey tends to be resistant and it may not give a very strong coverage there.

Tester Sizes
If you want to try some of these before dying your whole head, we sell testers of all of them, so you could do some strand tests. Here are the links to see the tester sizes:

Organic Henna Tester 10g

Organic Indigo Tester 10g

It's Pure Dark Brown Tester 10g

All Testers

Customers Pictures of Using a 2 Step Process:
This customer applied henna to colour her grey red, washed it out, dried her hair and then applied indigo to colour the red black. It has to be a 2 step process because Indigo cannot be applied directly to grey hair or it goes a strange blue/green colour.

Grey Roots Before Colouring
Red Roots After Using Henna
Black Roots After Using Indigo

Colouring Grey Afro hair Black with It's Pure Organics Henna and Indigo
The YouTube video below of a lady who used It's Pure Organics Henna and Indigo to colour her grey hair.


Please Note Chemically Lightened Hair May React Differently If your hair has been chemically lightened with peroxide this is another factor in the equation and will affect the colour results. Chemical lightening does damage your hair and it can make it more porous and make it behave differently. Sometimes the chemically lightened hair behaves the same as if it was your natural hair colour. However, sometimes it absorbs too much colour in which case the colour will be stronger than expected.

Useful Links

It’s Herbal Hair Colour Pure Dark Brown

It's Pure Indigo Powder

It's Pure Henna powder

Achieving Optimum Results From Natural Hair Dye

Hair Care Help Center

Have a look at some of our customers' pictures for inspiration here. 

If you have further questions please email our hair dye expert, Tricia at  or Ask Tricia a Question directly.

Technical Support

If after having read this information you still have some technical questions about our hair colours you can ask Tricia, our hair dye expert, a question on this page on our website here. Tricia does not answer questions by telephone.

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