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Know Your Skin Type

Normal skin is supple and soft and is neither too dry nor too oily. It is not too sensitive to the sun, climate or environment.

Oily skin might feel soft and supple, but it looks shiny and needs to be cleansed several times a day. Pores are larger than those of either normal or dry skin.

Dry skin feels tight after washing and needs constant protection and moisturizing to avoid flaking and peeling.

Sensitive skin reacts badly to sunlight or irritants in the environment. It burns easily and may develop rashes, blotches or spots when exposed to new substances, such as the chemicals.

Combination skin - usually the T-zone is oily and the outer edge of the face can be dry. This skin needs special care not to dry out the outer edge of the face while dealing with  the oily T-zone.

Acne/blemish prone
skin is usually oily and distinguished by blackheads and pimples which break out even if you are careful about your cleansing and diet

Bear in mind you may be a combination of different skin types and the same product may be suitable for different skin types.

Skin Care Products 

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