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It's Pure Ayurvedic Hair Care Bundles

It's Pure Ayurvedic Hair Care Bundles£9.86  -  £18.45

Our Soil Association Certified Amla, Bhringaraj, Reetha and Shikaki. Each bundle contains 100g of the product of your choice.

Odylique Baby Gift Set

Odylique Baby Gift Set£40.00

Three beautiful products for baby's sensitive skin; to cleanse, protect, soothe and moisturise.

Odylique Baby Repair Lotion 60ml

Odylique Baby Repair Lotion 60ml£13.50

Relieves distressed, irritated, itchy or allergy-prone skin. Suitable for babies, or eczema prone skin.

Odylique Citrus Natural Deodorant

Odylique Citrus Natural Deodorant£9.00

A non-toxic, eco-friendly, effective deodorant provides long-lasting anti-bacterial action.

Odylique Gardener's Rescue Kit

Odylique Gardener's Rescue Kit£17.00

A must-have for green-fingered gardeners - the Calendula Balm and Spot-On Serum protect, ease and repair your skin.

Odylique Nipple Balm

Odylique Nipple Balm£8.00

Helps to repair and protect cracked and sore nipples. Suitable for before, during and after breast feeding.

Odylique Organic Bump Butter

Odylique Organic Bump Butter£23.00

Helps prevent stretch marks, keeps skin supple and maintains elasticity as your baby grows.

Odylique Organic Gift Set

Odylique Organic Gift Set£20.00

Made up of Odylique's organic skin care range, with the Avocado Cream, Silk Touch Cleanser, Superfruit Serum and Ultra Rich Balm.

Odylique Rose Travel Gift Set

Odylique Rose Travel Gift Set£20.00

Trial sizes of the popular Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser, Calming Rose Super Tonic and Timeless Rose Moisturiser.

Eco Cosmetics Kids Sun Spray SPF50

Eco Cosmetics Kids Sun Spray SPF50£36.95

100% mineral SPF50 sun protection, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Provides immediate sun protection for the face and body.

Eco Cosmetics Lip Care Stick SPF25

Eco Cosmetics Lip Care Stick SPF25£6.95

Combines the benefits of a sun protection product and lipbalm in one!

Eco Cosmetics Sun Spray SPF30

Eco Cosmetics Sun Spray SPF30£32.95

100% mineral based sun protection. Provides immediate sun protection for the face and body

Odylique Organic Femin Ease Blend

Odylique Organic Femin Ease Blend£11.00

Aids with the physical discomfort, and mood swings around PMS.

Odylique Organic Hair Lice Guard

Odylique Organic Hair Lice Guard£8.00

Natural head lice prevention that can be used daily.

Odylique Organic Relax Essential Oil Blend

Odylique Organic Relax Essential Oil Blend£8.00

A blend of essential oils that aid a restful sleep and promote relaxation.

Odylique Organic Revive Essential Oil Blend 5ml

Odylique Organic Revive Essential Oil Blend 5ml£8.00

A natural blend of essential oils to give you a boost and keep you awake and energised.

Odylique Organic Spearmint Essential Oil

Odylique Organic Spearmint Essential Oil£6.50

Spearmint has a sweet, minty scent and is good for digestive upsets, hormone imbalances and soothe bad moods.

Fair Squared Zero Waste Coconut Toothpaste

Fair Squared Zero Waste Coconut Toothpaste£12.75

A gentle toothpaste, with fluoride, in a sustainable glass jar.

Fair Squared Zero Waste Spearmint Toothpaste

Fair Squared Zero Waste Spearmint Toothpaste£12.75   £11.48

A minty toothpaste containing fluoride in a zero waste, sustainable jar.

Lavera Baby Neutral Moisturising Cream

Lavera Baby Neutral Moisturising Cream£9.00

Specially formulated for baby's delicate skin to calm, nourish and protect it.

Lavera Baby Neutral Nappy Cream

Lavera Baby Neutral Nappy Cream£8.50

A calming nappy cream, to protect against wetness and soreness.

Lavera Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow

Lavera Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow£10.90   £9.81

A rich mineral eyeshadow for striking looks.

Lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel Blonde

Lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel Blonde£10.90   £9.81

Styling gel with a soft hazel blonde tint to define and shape your eyebrows.

Lavera Matt'N'Stay Lip Pencil

Lavera Matt'N'Stay Lip Pencil£10.90

In an easy to apply, handy pencil, this is a long-lasting matt lip colour.

Lavera Natural Glow Highlighter

Lavera Natural Glow Highlighter£11.90

Beautiful shimmery highlighter powders, to add definition and illuminate your cheekbones.

Lavera Q10 Natural Concealer

Lavera Q10 Natural Concealer£12.90

Conceal any under eye shadows with this anti-ageing concealer.

Lavera Sensitive + Repair Toothpaste

Lavera Sensitive + Repair Toothpaste£5.95

Specially formulated for sensitive teeth, this protects and cleans teeth while soothing sore gums, leaving breath fresh and your mouth clean.

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Page 1 of 4:    95 Items
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