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Herbal Hair Colour Application Tips for the Optimum Results

General Application Tips

Follow the instructions in the packet carefully.

Apply to clean dry hair. You can apply it towel dried hair but completely dry is best.

You should not have any product such as hair spray, conditioner or residue of shampoo on your hair as this could block the dye and cause a chemical reaction with dye which could affect the resulting colour. 

After applying the dye and putting the plastic cap on apply some heat - this can be done by applying a hair dryer for 15 minutes, or sitting in the sun. 

For dark shades leave it on for the maximum 2 hours. 

Using the Logona Colour Plus deep cleanser before dyeing is optional but it does make sure that the hair is completely clean and removes any residue of chemicals from products that you may have had on your hair.  It strips your hair and prepares your hair for optimum bonding of dye with your hair...

Using the Logona Colour Conditioner after colouring is optional but helps to intensify the colour and it has a lock in effect to make the dye last longer

Tips on Applying the Powder Dyes

The powder dye should be mixed to a creamy consistency like yogurt.  If it is too thick to apply add a little more water. 

You can mix black tea or coffee with the powders to help achieve a darker colour.  Remember to remove the leaves from the tea bag as these bags may contain bleach which could affect the colour.

Apply the powder dye as hot as possible without causing discomfort  

Tips on Strand Testing

We strongly recommend strand testing as there may be chemicals or ingredients on your hair which you are not aware of which could effect the results.

The best way to do a strand test is to cut a small strand out of your hair, apply the dye and wrap it in cling film. Keep the strand close to your body so the heat from your body helps the dye to work. Leave for 30 minutes and then open to check on the colour.  Dont leave the product on for more than 2 hours as this could discolour the grey.

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