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About Logona

Who is Logona?

The story of Logona is closely associated with the rise of the German natural marketplace, in which it counts itself today as a leading supplier of serious natural personal care products.

During the 1970’s a wave of environmental consciousness and activism rolled through Europe, giving life to many alternative enterprises and political groupings. Organic agriculture, renewable energy and environmental responsibility became the watchwords of this movement. In the mid-70’s a group of friends in Hanover, Germany opened a shop featuring the few available products that fit the values of this new, green alternative movement. To expand their store’s selection, this “Lorien Goods” group began to import products, and then to wholesale these products to other stores. In 1977, they tried their hand at manufacturing simple body care products, and the Logona idea was born.

Body care products manufactured and packaged from a broad ecological standpoint resonated with a growing number of consumers. The product line has steadily expanded over the years to meet consumer interest. Today over 200 products for the daily care of skin and hair for ever family member, carry the Logona label.

Principles and Ethics

Strict ingredient quality standards have always been fundamentally important to Logona product formulation and manufacturing. Logona products utilize the highest quality, natural raw materials, such as premium vegetable oils and waxes, herbal extracts and floral distillates derived from organic agriculture and wild crafting.

Aside from rigorous ingredient standards, Logona products must also conform to industry-leading ecological standards regarding minimal resource consumption during manufacturing, and minimal and recyclable packaging for the finished products.

No animal testing is condoned and the products are tested on willing human subjects under strict clinical controls. No ingredients are used that are tested on animals, directly or indirectly and Logona has a cut off date for animal tested ingredients that is strictly adhered to.

Certified Natural

Logona has been a strong supporter of the European movement to define and regulate the term natural personal care. Consumer confidence in the term “natural” has suffered over the years because of its rampant misuse by manufacturers. To address this problem, the German trade association BDIH has worked to define the border between natural personal care products and other products. The BDIH has formulated a set of guidelines to which products must comply in order to receive the BDIH Seal of Approval. Manufacturers must submit their nominated products to an independent laboratory for analysis. If the lab results comply with the guidelines, the product receives the BDIH Seal.

The BDIH current minimum requirements to receive the BDIH seal of approval are available to view on this page.

Glossary of Ingredients in Logona Products

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