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How To Use Essential Oils

Make sure when using essential oils you follow our Health and Safety rules, and don’t exceed the maximum amounts that we specify here. These oils are wonderful and powerful in small doses – using large quantities in one go can be overwhelming. 


Inhalation is the easiest and quickest way to use your essential oils. This is also good for busy people who are often out and about – you can add 1-2 drops (2 drops maximum) to a tissue to inhale while you are on the go. Using a soothing oil like Lavender or Palma Rosa would be perfect for this as you can keep a tissue with you for those stressful moments!

Inhalation is however more usually done in the home, by adding 3-5 drops of the oil to warm water and inhaling this for up to 10 minutes. Oils such as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree would be ideal if you had a cold or flu, helping ease a stuffy nose.


A lovely relaxing bath can be made more rejuvenating by adding essential oils to the mix.  To make a lovely therapeutic bath, only add 6-10 drops (10 drops maximum) to a full bathtub. Although this sounds little, it is just right for the lovely aroma. 

For a beautifully relaxing soak, an oil such as Ylang Ylang or Lavender would be a great oil to completely unwind and relax. 


Massage blends are best left to aromatherapists and holistic practitioners who are trained in the use of essential oils, and know what blend is best for you personally. 

If you want to make your own massage blend the recommended dose is that for 25ml of plain carrier oil, you only add 6-12 drops to this blend (12 drops is the maximum). So if you wanted to try using a blend of 3 oils, you would use only up to 4 drops of each oil. 

For a really invigorating, warming massage, you could try a blend with Camphor oil. This oil is a clean smelling stimulating oil, and will warm up the body, loosening tired muscles and aches as well as reviving a tired, lethargic state. 


Vaporisation is when the essential oils’ aroma is released into the air. Vaporisation can be done using either a diffuser, or an aroma burner. The purpose of this is to create a pleasant fragrance or atmosphere in the room and/or to create a therapeutic effect on the individuals smelling the oils such as relaxation, or upliftment.

Vaporisation with an aroma oil burner is done by burning 3 to 12 drops (12 drops maximum) in heated/warm water. Many oil burners have two levels, with a lit candle on the lower level beneath a shallow bowl containing the mixture of warm water and essential oil.  Aroma burners can also be an electric heated dish. 

Essential oil burners must always be ceramic or pottery, not a metal variety. This is because some metals can affect essential oils.

An aroma diffuser is a more effective way of vaporising essential oils. This is done using an electric diffuser which blows the aroma out into the room by a stream of air. 

If you wanted a lovely floral fragrance for a room, you could try oils like Lavender, Palma Rosa or Geranium. But if you were looking for a fresher zesty citrusy smell, perhaps try Orange, Mandarin or Lemon

Essential Oil Safety Instructions: Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. Store in a cool, dark, dry environment. Follow the safety information printed on the packaging. If you have a medical condition consult your doctor before using. Keep out of reach of children and animals. May irritate sensitive skin. Not safe for use while pregnant. Do not use undiluted on the skin. 

Glossary of Essential oils and Herbs 
To find out more about the therapeutic effects of essential oils see our Glossary of Ingredients here...  Please note that the information we provide about pure essential oils on Suvarna website, social media or blog is not a substitute for professional medical advice. It is for educational interest only. We are not providing information as a means of self healing or to self diagnose health conditions.

If you are concerned about any health condition you must seek advice from your qualified medical practitioner. Any contra-indications such as illnesses or medications must also be discussed with a trained medical professional before use.   


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