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Natural Shampoo

All these natural shampoos are completely natural and contain many organic ingredients and herbal extracts. They are free from silicone, parabens, SLS, phthalates, petroleum or mineral oils, artificial fragrance, colours and preservatives.

If you're spoilt for choice click here for the shampoo guide.

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Beauty Kubes Shampoo Cubes For Normal To Dry Hair

Beauty Kubes Shampoo Cubes For Normal To Dry Hair£9.50

Beauty Kubes are a zero waste, organic shampoo cube. These cubes are for normal to dry hair, vegan friendly and 100% free from plastic packaging. Each box of Beauty Kubes is packed with natural, hair loving ingredients and gentle, biodegradable cleansing agents.

Beauty Kubes Shampoo Cubes For Sensitive Skin

Beauty Kubes Shampoo Cubes For Sensitive Skin£9.50

Beauty Kubes plastic free, solid shampoo now with a fragrance-free, vegan, palm free formula perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin that is prone to dandruff.

It's Pure Dark Brown Hair Bundles

It's Pure Dark Brown Hair Bundles£47.95   £37.00

A bundle to give you the richest, darkest brown; with It's Pure Hair Colour, Odylique Lavender Conditioner, Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo 200ml, and It's Pure Shikaki and Bhringaraj.

LavaErde Powder Natural Cleanser

LavaErde Powder Natural Cleanser£8.95

A 100% natural soap and detergent free clay based cleanser for sensitive skin and scalp.

Lavera Colour & Care Shampoo For Colour-Treated Hair

Lavera Colour & Care Shampoo For Colour-Treated Hair£6.95

This shampoo is intended to keep colour-treated hair looking its best and maintain it's colour and shine.

Lavera Gloss and Shine Shampoo

Lavera Gloss and Shine Shampoo£6.95

Developed to help restore the hair's natural brilliance, by cleansing the hair without stripping it and giving the hair lustre and shine.

Lavera Organic Baby Shampoo for Hair & Body

Lavera Organic Baby Shampoo for Hair & Body£9.00

Suitable for extremely sensitive and easily irritated skin. The most gentle cleansing for your baby.

Lavera Repair & Care Shampoo

Lavera Repair & Care Shampoo£6.95

A gentle shampoo, especially for use on dry or damaged hair. It leaves the hair soft and shiny without drying.

Lavera Volume & Strength Organic Shampoo  For Fine, Flyaway Hair

Lavera Volume & Strength Organic Shampoo For Fine, Flyaway Hair£6.95

This shampoo helps strengthen the hair and the roots, boost the volume of the hair, and to vitalise your scalp. 

Logona Bio Aloe-Vera Moisturising Shampoo

Logona Bio Aloe-Vera Moisturising Shampoo£8.95

Specifically for dry, damaged hair and sensitive scalp.

Logona Free (Pur) Shampoo & Shower Gel With Probiotics & Hyaluronic Acid

Logona Free (Pur) Shampoo & Shower Gel With Probiotics & Hyaluronic Acid£9.95

Meets the requirements of highly sensitive, easily irritated skin. Cleanses skin and hair without drying.

Logona Honey Beer Natural Shampoo

Logona Honey Beer Natural Shampoo£8.95

Especially for the needs of fine and/or fragile hair, visibly delivers more volume

Logona Juniper Shampoo

Logona Juniper Shampoo£8.95   £6.26

Cares naturally for problem dandruff conditions. It contains especially mild, readily biodegradable sudsing agents.

Currently 30% off as it expires 08/22.
Logona Lemon Balm Shampoo

Logona Lemon Balm Shampoo£8.95

Lemon Balm Balance Shampoo for oily hair helps restore healthy skin functions.

Logona Natural Colour Care Shampoo

Logona Natural Colour Care Shampoo£9.95

To give a subtle nuance to undyed hair or help maintain and extend the life of your hair colour.

Odylique Bestsellers Discovery Box

Odylique Bestsellers Discovery Box£29.00

Discover Odylique's organic range with this selection of their best selling products in hair care, body care and skin care.

Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo

Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo£2.50  -  £22.00

A very gentle organic shampoo suitable for all hair types even for those with sensitive scalp, and for damaged or dyed hair.

Odylique Organic Tea Tree Shampoo

Odylique Organic Tea Tree Shampoo£12.00  -  £22.00

With organic tea tree  and cedarwood for antibacterial and antifungal activity, a perfect mix for itchy or flaky scalps, to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Odylique Organic Tea Tree Shampoo 500ml

Odylique Organic Tea Tree Shampoo 500ml£22.00

With organic tea tree  and cedarwood for antibacterial and antifungal activity, a perfect mix for itchy or flaky scalps, to stimulate healthy hair growth.


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items

Organic shampoos & natural shampoos for all hair types

Chemical free shampoo has come a long way since it first appeared on the market 20 years ago. Even Odylique's iconic Gentle Herb Shampoo, first launched in 2004 as the UK's first ever certified organic shampoo - which even back then was a great formula - has had a couple of edits. It is arguably still one of the best natural shampoos around and keeps on winning awards.

At Suvarna we also offer Logona, Lavera, Sante and Aubrey shampoos. All are 100% natural origin. None of them contain sodium lauryl or laureth sulphate (SLS), but Lavera shampoos do use sodium coco sulphate, a milder version of its SLS cousin. If you want 100% sulphate free, go for Odylique, Logona or Aubrey.

For colour care, Logona offers the largest choice in artificial chemical free shampoo with options for blonde, brown and red hair that preserve and slightly boost your colour. Odylique's shampoos also go easy on coloured hair and give a great natural shine.

For dry hair, Aubrey's range offers some excellent moisture boosting options such as the Blue Chamomile, Honeysuckle or Island Botanicals Shampoo - also helps repair damaged hair.

For sensitive scalps (including an itchy scalp), you are in great hands with a high-quality natural shampoo. Odylique's Gentle Herb Shampoo is known as the shampoo for sensitive skin / sensitive scalp.

Oily hair and scalp? No problem! Try Odylique's Tea Tree & Herbal Shampoo which helps balance excess sebum production and tackle flaky scalps with organic tea tree oil. You can also get a very good clarifying action with Odylique's Tea Tree Shampoo.

If you'd rather use no detergent and foam at all, try Laverde's Powder Natural Cleanser which uses clay to draw out dirt and excess oil. Or an even more budget option is our own no poo cleansers of Shikakai or Soapnut powders.

The best natural shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients that are both kind to your skin and hair and rich in nourishing botanicals such as plant oils and herbal extracts. Look out for plant oils such as coconut, avocado, and jojoba high up on the ingredients list, as well as hair-boosting plant extracts like nettle, aloe vera and horsetail that will put the shine and bounce back in your locks.

The presence of (often organically grown) botanical ingredients and absence of harsh chemical cleansers means that natural shampoo is better for the environment too. Certified natural or certified organic hair care is not allowed to contain any ingredients that aren't biodegradable or otherwise damage the environment.

But with greenwashing so rife, how do you know what is a genuine natural shampoo? Here at Suvarna, all our brands have either natural certification or organic certification. So, you can rest assured that what you buy from Suvarna will have been carefully checked – both by us and an independent certification body - to make sure it is free from silicone, SLS, artificial fragrance and all the other chemicals you'd like to avoid in your hair care.

Remember when you use natural shampoo for first time, it can take your hair and scalp a little time to adjust. Allow 2 weeks to see the full benefits of any shampoo and conditioner - visit our hair conditioner collection for organic conditioner.

In addition to natural and herbal shampoos, we also stock hair conditioners, hair masks, hair oil, and natural products to cover grey hair, so no matter your hair type - thin hair, thick hair, oily hair, dry hair, frizzy hair, or damaged hair, natural hair products are the best, and you'll find them all right here.

If you want to know more about different shampoos (natural / organic shampoo, herbal shampoo or any other hair shampoo we stock), or have specific product questions about hair growth, please get in touch and our experts are happy to help.








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