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Certified Organic Henna For Hair Powder & Indigo Powder

Certified Organic Henna For Hair Powder & Indigo Powder
Our Price:  £11.69
List Price:  £12.99
  (79 Reviews)

Stock Code:  E01041
Size:  200g
Certification:  Soil Association

Soil Association certified organic henna poSoil Association certified productwder and indigo powder from India with no other plants added.  This henna and indigo can be combined to make a brown/red, brown or black shade.

The henna and indigo are separately packed in vacuum sealed plastic bag so that they stay fresh.

This henna is suitable for hair colouring. When used on its own it gives orange/red tone but when combined with indigo it gives a variety of shades.

The indigo (indigofera tinctoria) is a blue/green tint on grey hair and is best used together with or just after henna. If your hair is brown or red with no grey you can apply indigo directly to your hair without henna.

Combining Henna with Indigo to get a red/brown, brown or a black shade

When henna is used with indigo it can give shades of different browns to black. The resulting colour depends on which method you use, how long you leave the dye on for, and the proportion of henna and indigo you use.

Method 1 (double application): Dye your hair first with henna so it goes auburn/red, then dye your hair with indigo, so that the auburn/red turns to brown. To achieve the desired shade, you need to make sure you leave the indigo on for the right amount of time. The longer the indigo is left on for, the darker it will be. If you leave it for the maximum time it can go black.
Method 2 (single application): Soak the henna in some acidic liquid such as lemon juice. When you are ready to colour your hair mix the indigo with water, then thoroughly mix the henna mixture together with the indigo mixture. To get a more reddish-brown shade, use a large percentage of henna. To get a darker brown, use a larger proportion of indigo. To get a black shade use Method 1.
Everyone’s hair is different and will take the colour differently, so some trial and error may be necessary to get the desired shade.
How much henna and indigo do you need
 The amounts given below are for average hair - if you have fine hair you may need less, or if you have thick hair you may need more. The amounts given are for the total amount of powder needed for one application.
short / chin length hair - 50 to 70 gms per application
shoulder length hair - 100 to 120 gms per application
mid back length hair - 200 to 250 gms per application
If you are mixing henna and indigo in one single application (Method 2), the combined weight of the two powders should be what is given in the above guidlines.
Everyone's hair is different so it is good to experiment to find the best method for your hair.
It is not advisable to lighten your hair with chemical bleach after using this Indigo.

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Customer Reviews
Average Rating (79 Reviews):  
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Organic Hair Henna
Thursday, 2 September 2021  |  Jacqueline

Arrived quickly, product worked well.

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Sunday, 8 August 2021  |  Annie

Itís a long time since I have hennaed my hair, but I fancied a colour on my hair so decided to give it a go, I have black hair with loads of grey, so decided to get indigo too just in case. Iím glad I did as I left the henna on for for 4 hours & the colour was quite bright orange. I left it a day and it didnít tone down, so I put on some indigo for 10 minutes and it is now perfect. It was a far easier process than I remember

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Sunday, 2 May 2021  |  Rebecca

After attempting to apply myself my husband had to step in as it got very messy , the smell was not very nice and I had to leave it on for two hours , then washing it out was a little prolonged , eventually got it all out , dried it off and was pleasantly surprised with the colour , vibrant and a deep red undertone , I mixed with indigo as didnít want it to red , itís been 6 days now since it was done and itís got darker and exactly the colour I was hoping for , I used a 50/50 ratio of henna and indigo , the compliments Iíve had from people on how beautiful my hair looks is lovely ,initially after doing it I thought it would be the last time as quite a process but I have to say I will definitely be doing it again , my hair is thicker , softer and sooo shiny so I recommend this product highly

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5 *
Tuesday, 20 April 2021  |  Naomi

Fantastic product and easy to use, very natural looking colour. Just what I've been looking for. There was an item missing from my order, and it was dealt with immediately and arrived in the post the following day. Will definitely be ordering in the future.

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Excellent, and has made my already thick hair thicker and shinier!!!!
Thursday, 25 March 2021  |  Aisha

Having always used chemicals to lighten my hair in the past, as I got older I worried about using such products on my skin and started to look for healthier options.
After using different brands of henna I came across this, and hand on my heart I have never used any other colouring method since.
Finding henna that covers whites is tough and using chemicals meant I needed to colour more often to cover those greys, which was naturally concerning.
The beauty of this product is that even if you have to reapply after a few weeks, it's not carcinogenic genic, and the more you use the henna and indigo, the healthier, stronger and thicker your hair gets. I would make that switch from boxed hair colour any day.

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Excellent product
Thursday, 9 April 2020  |  Maria

Worked a treat on covering my grey hair. I really was impressed! I had to leave it on a bit longer as my hair can be resistant. Highly recommended. I won't be going back to the salon!

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The best
Thursday, 2 April 2020  |  LIZ

I have been using henna on my hair since I was a student but I have to say that your product is one of the best I have ever used. I make up a mix of the two powders and it's great Thank you

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Very Easy to Use
Friday, 28 February 2020  |  Leslie

Very happy with this product, easy to use & seems to give good coverage on grey hair

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

So much better than my previous henna exerience
Tuesday, 28 January 2020  |  Frances

I have used Lush henna blocks for several years and been mostly happy with the results but recently the colour didnít seem to fix and my hair started to feel really waxy after applying. Decided to try henna and indigo powders and create my own mix/ratio. What a difference. Much less messy to prepare and apply. Amazing results with great coverage of greys. It was easy to rinse out and my hair felt amazing afterwards and was really shiny. I used the all in one method with a 40/60 mix of henna to indigo. The colour has fixed well. I will be ordering again and again. Wish Iíd switched much sooner.

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Natural henna and indigo powder
Tuesday, 28 January 2020  |  Denise

Love this natural hair dye and great to find it without chemicals added. You can also mix your own colour. Great product would definitely recommend it and the company. Thanks for providing a natural alternative to hair and body care with minimal packaging.

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