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Tricia's Natural Hair Colour Questions and Answers

Allergies to chemical dyes? Grey hair? Want to liven up your hair colour? Wondering which natural hair dye is suitable for your?

Read through the questions and answers below you may find the solution.

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Whether it is a simple question, a complicated problem or you are wondering which natural hair dye will be most suitable for you Tricia is very experienced and will do her best to answer your questions and find solutions to any problems.

Would It's Pure Organics Hair Colour be suitable for me for warm dark/medium brown?
Q. My hair is very fine, although, I am told that I have plenty of it and I have been colouring it for approx.  twelve years, after the appearance of more and more grey hairs, mainly evident at the crown.  In recent times have been using Clairol No. 82 (Dark Brown).  My natural colour (which I’m trying to remember!) was more a darkish chestnut brown, but I have found it often turns a harsh, flat dark colour with the ‘chemical’ dyes.    I have found that as the colour wears off, the grey becomes particularly evident at the crown and much less so around the temples and sides of my face, although, due to my hairs style, these areas don’t show greying so much as the crown. I should like to achieve a look similar to my natural colour, a more mid to dark brown with warm tones, particularly with my age in mind!    As my hair is fine, it tends to look greasy easily and I really need to wash it most days to be able to keep the style looking o.k.,  and particularly as my face is somewhat narrow, I need to create some body with my hair!  
I don’t know whether this helps your sufficiently, but I realise that whatever assistance you are able to offer, I can only really try a suitable colour and see what the results are.  
I should also like some idea of the following:
1.  How long the colour may last after each application (bearing in mind I need to wash my hair most days)/
2.  My hair is short (ear lobe length at the sides, slightly longer at the back), so I’m wondering if I could use 1/2 pack at a time?
3.  Does ‘It’s Pure’ cause any pillow stains at all?

A. I would recommend the Its Pure Dark Brown.  It usually lasts for about 3 or 4 weeks and then starts to fade and as it fades and washes out it becomes more auburn. It has a slightly volumising effect.

It’s Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colour Dark Brown is a popular hair dye. It tends to be a light to medium brown on white/grey hairs. If your hair is a salt-and-pepper mix of brown and white, then you will tend to get an average effect, with the white hair going lighter brown and the dark hair going darker brown. It tends to be slightly dark than the Aubrey Dark Brown.

Everyone's hair is different in terms of your initial hair colour, and the structure and chemistry of your hair and reacts differently to different colours. So it is impossible to predict exactly how the colour will be on different peoples hair. For this reason we always recommend strand testing before putting it all over your hair.  See this article here about how to strand test:

If you felt it was too much of a cold brown you could mix small amount of the Natural Brown or Chestnut with it. There are tester sizes available of all these shades.

For short hair you could use half a pack and the rest will keep for next time.

If the colour washes out quicker at the crown you can apply more just to the crown without doing your whole head again.  There is no harm in doing it more often.

I have not heard of it staining pillows.

Red Henna Gone Too Orange
Q. Used henna today and my hair is bright orange. What can you sell me to turn it auburn please. I need it asap as I have my sons wedding next Friday and I look a fright. Im too old for bright orange hair. Thanks Tricia 

A. I am assuming that you used just pure red henna? In this case it will be bright orange on white hair. The orange will settle down a bit over the next week as it oxidises and darkens becoming more auburn and less brassy orange.  To tone done the orange of the henna to make it more a bit more of a subtle auburn you need some indigo powder:   Dont leave it on for too long or it will go to dark. always recommend strand testing before putting it all over your hair.  See this article here about how to strand test:  Try the strand for 5 or 10 minutes.  If that is not enough, put it on again for a bit longer. Full instructions are enclosed in the pack.  Have a look at some of our customers pictures who used henna here for inspiration here: Download my free henna guide here:

Reaction to chemical dye - need a natural way to colour grey hair a black colour
Q. I’ve got black hair and have always dyed my hair to cover greys but recently I've started to have a severe reaction to the dye and I need a safe alternative as the greys are coming through again now and it would appear as though I'm at a dead end as to what I can actually use.

A. The black chemical hair dye contains more of the PPD allergen so you are more like to be allergic to it.  If you have a lot of grey or white hair to cover I would suggest the best natural solution would be to use pure henna and pure indigo available on this page:  First you dye your hair first with henna so it goes orange/red. Then dye your hair with indigo, leaving the indigo on for several hours, and then orange/red hair should turn black. This method is the most powerful way of covering your grey hair to a dark colour. Many people around the world are using this method to turn grey/white hair a black colour.  However because this is a natural plant product and everyone's hair is different it is not guaranteed. It may give a different result on different people's hair. Some people may have stubborn grey and may need to leave it on for longer or to colour their hair twice to get a darker colour.  Our henna and indigo is very good quality, pure and certified organic.  Full instructions are enclosed with the packet.

Logona Herbal Hair Colour powder would not mix properly 
I have tried to use the Logona Brown Umber powder to colour my hair.  The problem I came across is that the powder would not mix properly with the water and was very grainy.  Once applied to my hair it appeared to dry out back to the powder form and did not colour my hair. What am I doing wrong?

A. I think there was not enough hot water in it.  There should be enough water so it is not stiff and lumpy -  It should be more of a creamy consistency so it will spread on your hair.   It should not be too runny either.   When measuring out the water you have to use your own judgement as to the amount of water because often kitchen measuring jugs are not very accurate. If you have a lot of hair and it is taking a long time to apply the mixture you can add more hot water to the mixture if it seems to be drying out in the bowl.

Something easy to use for covering grey on dark blonde hair
Q. My hair is naturally dark blonde.  I have about 20% grey hair - mostly at the front  but also dotted over my whole head. I have never dyed my hair with chemicals as I have some health problems and didn’t want to expose myself to toxins. But now my hair is getting more grey I would like to make the effort to try something 100% natural to see if it works.  I would like to cover my grey hair and perhaps give a warm tint my dark blonde hair. I don’t mind if my grey hair is a lighter colour if it looks natural or looks like highlights. I don’t want anything that is going to turn my hair orange. I would need something easy to use as I have little energy due to ME.

A. I would recommend using a mixture of half Logona Colour Cream Copper Blonde and half Logona Colour Cream Nougat. I have used this combination my self many times and find that it colours my grey a light blonde colour, and gives the rest of my hair a warm tint.    However everyones hair is different so I cant guarantee this.  The Logona Colour Care Shampoo Chamomile is very good for maintaining the colour in between colouring your hair.

I have also tried and would recommend Palette by Nature Grey Blending System Light which colours your grey not immediately, but gradually over several applications. It is a shampoo and conditioner and fixative spray which you use a few times a week to build up the colour, and then use regularly to maintain the colour.

Will Logona Henna Black cover grey hair without allergic reaction?
Q. I would like to purchase your product "Logona Chemical Free Natural Hair Dye Black". I have totally grey hair and I have severe skin allergy problem when I apply a hair dye containing chemicals Like PPD, Parabens, peroxide, preservative, ammonia or any other chemicals. In your website, you have stated above mentioned dye prepared in 100% pure herbals & 100% natural ingredients. If i use this dye is there any possibility of a skin allergy ?? Do you have a small tester I can try out before buying a full sized product?

A. The Logona Herbal Hair Colour Henna Black is not recommended for grey or white hair because it contains indigo which is a blue plant and it could discolour grey hair to a grey/blue/purple colour.  If you had small amounts of grey dotted around it may be OK as it would blend in. Also Logona herbal hair colours are not suitable for colouring totally grey hair to a dark colour. Since Logona Hair colours are chemical free it would be unlikely that you would get the kind of reactions you get with chemical dyes but you can be allergic to natural ingredients too so nothing is guaranteed to be allergy free. We do have some small testers of this product that you can purchase on this page on our website:

Surya Ash Brown Henna Powder
Q. I recently bought the surya henna powder Ash Brown. It was pleasant to use but unfortunately the colour is too pale for me - is it possible to mix the black to get a deeper colour ? I have Asian hair. I have been using the Herbatint / Naturtint range prior to this with very good results.

A. Adding some black to the Ash Brown May Help to Darken it a little.  Also try leaving it on for a little longer and All the hair dyes we sell on Suvarna website are 100% natural. Totally natural hair dyes will not give as good results at covering grey and darkening your hair as those hair dyes with some chemicals.  They are also unpredictable and will react differently to different peoples hair. The Herbatint and Naturtint range work better because they have quite a lot of chemicals in them such as PPD.   You might try a different product such as Aubrey Organics Dark Brown, or Logona Brown Umber mixed with Logona Henna Black.,  or Palette by Nature Dark Natural Brown.  If these colours are also too light for you, and you want to use 100% natural, the other thing to try is pure Henna and  pure indigo applied separately but it is a much more messy and lengthy procedure than to ready mixed products. 

Q. Covering 100% white roots dark brown/black
I have allergy to chemical dyes and find it difficult to find a hair dye that will colour my grey hair dark brown/black without giving me a reaction. I have tried a natural hair dye called Naturtint but it gives me a reaction.  I have 1 inch of white hair at the roots and the rest of my hair is very dark brown almost black I am Asian. I used chemical dyes for years and now I cannot use them. I don’t have much time so I want something quick and easy to use. As I am a man I need something that will totally match the rest of my hair I don’t want patches of  different colours that look as if it is dyed. The Logona Colour Creams look easy to use would the Teak Brown colour be suitable?

A. If you have 100% white hair at the roots, and also Asian hair (which can be quite resistant to hair  dye), it will not be easy to dye it 100% natural hair dyes. Logona, Aubrey Organics, Sante or Palette by Nature Hair dyes will give some grey coverage but it is unlikely that it will get the 100% white hair roots to go a very dark colour. This means you would have a line where you have lighter roots and the rest of your hair dark.

You mentioned Naturtint gave you a reaction - because it contains a lot of chemicals including the worst allergen - PPD. Suvarna natural hair dyes are truly natural.

It would be worth trying a technique of using pure henna (with no other plants added) and pure indigo (with no other plants added) applied in separate applications. In a nutshell this technique involves mixing up pure henna paste and leaving it on your hair for a couple of hours, rinse it off and dry your hair, and your grey hair goes orange. Then apply pure indigo paste and leave that on for an hour and then rinse that off and the orange hair is supposed to go black. Be prepared for a very messy lengthy procedure – it takes all day.  This henna followed by indigo technique can be more effective at covering 100% grey to a very dark colour than using the kind of ready mixed natural hair dye blends such as Logona that we sell here.  Pure henna and pure indigo can be purchased here 

Is there any way I can test to see if I am allergic to you hair dyes?
. I had the most awful reaction a year ago to a Loriel colour.  I had used it many times before. I am terrified now to try another colour. Is there a way I can do a test to see if i am allergic to your colourants?

A. The hair colours we sell at Suvarna have no chemicals in them so it is unlikely that you will have reaction to them.  We have many customers who have had very bad reactions to chemical dyes, and have no problem with our hair dyes. However, although it is highly unlikely that you will have a reaction, we cannot guarantee that you will not have any kind of allergy to our hair dyes because anyone can be allergic to any natural ingredient.  So to be on the safe side you can do a 48 hour patch test on the inside of your elbow.  We sell small tester sizes of some of our natural hair dyes on this page

An easy to use dark brown hair dye without alcohol?
Q. My hair is dark brown. I previously bought a box of "color the grey" by light mountain which was pure botanicals, but was very time-consuming and ran the risk of turning the hair an undesired colour. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know if you have anything different for me to try without alcohol. My dermatologist told me I have dematitis which might be contributing to my hair loss, so I am keen to go for gentle things.

A. The powder hair dyes we sell would be the same sort of thing as light mountain henna. However they are all slightly different   Everyone’s hair is different and will react differently to different products and you may find that one works better for you or is easier than another.

We sell some tester sizes which you can try on strands before purchasing the full sized product.

If you have a small amount of grey at the roots I would suggest the Aubrey organics dark brown powder.

If you have a lot of light coloured grey at the roots which you want to go as dark as possible I would suggest using pure organic henna and pure indigo on this page

Neither of these suggestions are very easy - the Aubrey organics is easier than the henna and indigo.  This is all you can do with natural hair dyes without alcohol.  The cream or liquid hair dyes we sell contain organic alcohol from organic plants.

Are your products totally reliable and tested for allergies?
I am allergic to hair dye. My face swelled up and I could not breathe - almost choked and died. I am afraid of everything so much because of this, but still looking for solutions. My hair is going grey and I have no confidence to be woman. They were not able to tell me which component I am allergic to. I would like to ask for your help and make sure that this product is totally reliable, tested and does not cause allergy. I don’t want to relive this..

A. All the natural hair dyes we sell at Suvarna are totally natural and chemical free.  They are totally different to chemical hair dyes and work in a different way.  They are unlikely to give an allergic reaction.  We have many customers who have had very bad reactions to chemical dyes and don’t have any problem with the hair dyes we sell.  However we cannot 100% guarantee that they will not give an allergic reaction in sensitive people because anyone can be allergic to any natural plant ingredient under the sun.  On the rare occasion that someone does get any kind of reaction to a 100% natural hair dye it is usually very mild. People can get seriously ill and even die after using chemical hair dyes, but I have not heard of anyone getting seriously ill from using a 100% natural hair dye. 

Hair Dye for Indian Hair With 30-35% Grey
. I am Indian, and have blackish brown hair. I used to use henna but was terrified of orange hair when the colour started to fade so i stopped using it a while ago and now use Naturtint which i know has ppd. I have about 30-35 percent grey and rather fine hair. I want to switch back to totally natural colour and would like to use Logona ....tried their cream years ago to no avail! Do you think the powder colour might be better? I have been using chestnut shade in naturtint for sometime now. How long should i wait before I can use Logona as i have just used Naturtint today?

A. Logona powder is generally stronger than Logona cream, so it might work better for you - If you'd like to use the Logona Powder I would recommend that you use a mixture of approximately 85% of the Brown Umber shade  mixed with 15% of the Henna Black shade.

A similar product that we sell, which could have better results for you, is Aubrey Dark Brown.  This is also totally natural, and comes in a powder form.

However, as your hair has a fairly high percentage of grey, added to the fact that Indian hair is harder to dye, I'd say that your very best option would be something stronger. We sell pure henna powder and indigo powder which have a stronger effect than any of the other powder dyes I've mentioned. Basically, you dye your hair first with henna, then with indigo, to darken the red of the henna and make it black. As soon as you see any orange coming through in your hair (which you mentioned you don't like), you can simply dye your hair again with more indigo to cover that up. Indigo should not be put on its own on white/grey hair or it can go a bluish colour but on top of hair that has been dyed with henna it is fine.  This method is a bit more labour-intensive, but I think it would be the best way for you to dye your hair.

If you want to try some of these dyes before dying your whole head, we sell testers of all of them, so you could do some strand tests. Here are the links to see the tester sizes of everything:

To answer your last question, it's usually recommended that you wait about five weeks after dying your hair with chemical dyes (like Naturtint), before using a natural dye.

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