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A Good Natural Skin Care Routine

A good daily natural skin care routine consists of cleansing, toning and moisturising in the morning and and cleansing, toning and applying a night cream in the evening.

Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and nourishing facial masks and massage are also very good to do regularly - once or twice a week depending on your skin type.

Good healthy diet and getting sufficient sleep is also essential to maintain good healthy skin.

Cleansing The Skin
A cleanser is a cream, oil or lotion which removes makeup and dirt effectively because the moisture of the natural oils, water and waxes melt and suspend the particles of grime and cosmetics freeing them from the skin.   A cleanser formulated for dry skin will do the job without drying out the skin. Formulations for oily skins have different properties to help control excessive sebum production.  Logona Mint Cleanser is a particularly gentle cleanser for oily skins.

The Use of Skin Toners
Toners complete the cleansing process, removing the remaining traces of cleanser, dead cells and grime from the skin. Toners have astringent properties helping to close open pores.  Depending on their formulation they may also remove excess sebum from oily skin.

Moisturising is Necessary for all Skin Types
A moisturiser provides a protective film to prevent the effect of drying, chapping and roughening caused by the weather, central heating and pollution. At the same time some of the ingredients will be absorbed into the outer layers of the skin providing a nourishment, hydration and therapeutic effects. 

All skins need a moisturiser.  Dry, normal and oily skin are all affected by wind and weather.  Dry skin in particular quickly becomes tight and flaky, chapping and reddening easily in winter and looking prematurely old.

Meaning shedding the surface tissues of the skin. Exfoliation removes the top layer of the dead cells, dirt, surface oil and loosening acne plugs and black heads from the skin.   Acne and oily skins need more powerful exfoliation treatment whereas dry and sensitive skin need a more gentle exfoliation so they dont become irritated.

Have an exfoliating effect and/or moisturising, nourishing or other active properties. Masks tend to be less abrasive exfoliators than exfoliating scrubs.

Facial Massage
Massage is particularly beneficial for dry and aging skin.  It stimulates circulation and makes the skin more supple.

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