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Echeque Payments

An eCheque is an electronic funds transfer that withdraws money directly from your bank account. It's just like writing a cheque, only it is done electronically. When you send money with an eCheque, the transaction will be held as pending for seven to nine working days, until the electronic funds transfer has cleared your bank.

If you dont have sufficient funds in your paypal account Paypal takes money from your bank account and it takes about 10 days for that money to get transferred from your bank to Paypal into your account.  Paypal uses its discretion depending on the status of your account whether it uses its own funds and immediately transfers the amount to the sellers account or whether it uses the echeque method which means that it will not clear until the money has transferred from your bank account.

Suvarna will dispatch orders paid by Echeque after the cheque has cleared.

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