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Hair Conditioners

All these natural hair conditoners are completely natural and contain many organic ingredients and herbal extracts. They are free of parabens, SLS, phthalates, petroleum or mineral based oils, synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives.
See our conditioner guide here...

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It's Pure Dark Brown Hair Bundles

It's Pure Dark Brown Hair Bundles£47.95   £37.00

A bundle to give you the richest, darkest brown; with It's Pure Hair Colour, Odylique Lavender Conditioner, Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo 200ml, and It's Pure Shikaki and Bhringaraj.

Lavera Basis Sensitive Moisture & Care Hair Conditioner

Lavera Basis Sensitive Moisture & Care Hair Conditioner£6.95

A conditioner for all the family, for natural shine and manageability.

Lavera Colour & Care Conditioner For Colour Treated Hair

Lavera Colour & Care Conditioner For Colour Treated Hair£6.95

This conditioner is intended for use on colour treated hair to protect and maintain your hair's colour and shine.

Lavera Gloss and Shine Conditioner

Lavera Gloss and Shine Conditioner£6.95

The gentle formula has been developed to help to restore the hair‘s natural brilliance.

Lavera Repair & Care Conditioner

Lavera Repair & Care Conditioner£6.95

A great conditioner for use on dry or damaged hair, nurtures the hair leaving it smooth and shiny.

Logona Bio Argan Oil Hair Tip Fluid

Logona Bio Argan Oil Hair Tip Fluid£10.95

A natural leave - in conditioner to help with brittle and damaged hair.

Logona Leave-In Conditioner Spray

Logona Leave-In Conditioner Spray£10.95

A leave-in conditioner spray to nourish your hair and moisturise your hair. It protects the hair from environmental damage.

Logona Natural Colour Fix Post-Treatment

Logona Natural Colour Fix Post-Treatment£7.95

Logona Colour Fix Post-Treatment is the updated version of the Colour Conditioner. It is for prolonging your hairís Colour after using Logona Hair Colours.

Logona Organic Sea Buckthorn Repair & Care Hair Mask

Logona Organic Sea Buckthorn Repair & Care Hair Mask£9.95

A luxurious, rich, intensive healing hair mask to help restore radiance to dry and damaged hair.

Logona Wheat Protein Hair Conditioner

Logona Wheat Protein Hair Conditioner£9.95

Conditions and moisturises your hair, helping to improve manageability of every hair type.

Odylique Chamomile and Coconut Detangling Conditioner

Odylique Chamomile and Coconut Detangling Conditioner£12.50

A soothing conditioner for sensitive scalps, it helps smooth and condition hair.

Odylique Lavender Detangling Conditioner

Odylique Lavender Detangling Conditioner£12.50

A soothing conditioner with beautiful lavender scent, it helps smooth and condition hair.

Suvarna Curly Girl Method Hair Bundle

Suvarna Curly Girl Method Hair Bundle£26.60   £22.60

Our own take on the Curly Girl Method, a bundle worth £26.60 with the Shikakai no poo cleanser, Odylique detangling conditioner and Sante hair gel.


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

You might not be sure why you need to switch to an organic hair conditioner, but if your hair feels greasy, weighed down after washing or limp even when styled, chances are you do. 

Normal ‘chemical’ based hair conditioners often contain additives designed to force the hair cuticles flat, and artificially ‘create’ a shine.  These are usually silicone-based.  Over time this layer of plastic coats the hair.  It’s not water-resistant with ease so you end up with a build up of product.  

The result of which is flat, lifeless hair. 

If you have a sensitive scalp, or are prone to flaking scalp or dandruff, you are especially likely to see negative effects as your skin is more reactive to residues and product build-up, especially if paired with harsh ‘surfactant’ detergent-based shampoo ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). 

For those with coloured hair (either naturally or using box dyes), or who use a Keratin product, avoiding sulphates is especially important.  Sulphates fade colour, and it only takes an average of three washes before your Keratin treatment is completely removed from the hair (1).  

Our natural hair conditioners focus instead of nurturing the hair from the inside out, working with the hair’s natural structure to boost its health and vitality over time. 


Most hair types benefit from a conditioner, even if it’s just applied occasionally.  Day-to-day brushing, heat-styling, and tying up can all leave your locks in need of a little extra TLC.  There are lots of types of hair conditioner, though which you need depends on your hair type. 

Dry Hair:

This type of hair is often wiry in texture, may be static and hard to get a brush through.  It snaps easily, especially if heavily styled. 


 A conditioner with an ingredient like Sea Buckthorn, which is deeply soothing, hydrating and nourishing.

Frizzy Hair:

Frizzy hair is usually prone to problems in humidity.  Lots of people use tools like straighteners to reduce the frizz, but also leads to dehydration and damage, making the problem worse. 


A conditioner with natural Argan oil.  This helps the cuticles to lie flat, whilst also locking in moisture and providing a light, soluble barrier to external humidity. 

Coloured Hair:

Coloured hair requires especially gentle treatment that doesn’t strip the protective natural oils to stop colour fade.  If your hair is bleached, you’ll need a treatment with protein to help restore the bonds lost through the colour removal process.


A conditioner that both protects your hair and your colour.  Wheat protein offers a natural alternative to those find in traditional conditioners.

Fine Hair

Any conditioner can be problematic for fine hair, so avoid using it regularly.  


Provided it isn’t coloured, often this hair fares best when just an organic natural shampoo, is used.  Over time the hair begins to produce the right number of natural oils for you and bounce returns. 

Grey Hair: 

Grey hair is often far coarser than when it held pigment and can become unmanageable.  It often needs significantly more hydration even than dry hair to help support the nutrients lost in the ageing process. 


Ingredients like avocado, which are packed with water soluble fats do a brilliant job at returning some lustre and bounce to grey hair. 

Learn more over in our haircare centre or if you want to know more about conditioners, try our conditioner guide.

If you want to know more or have specific product questions get in touch and our experts are happy to help.










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