Win £30 Voucher + EVERYONE who enters gets 10% voucher!

Friday, 8 March 2013  |  Tricia
We're launching a new competition! You can win a £30 Voucher + EVERYONE WHO ENTERS GET A 10% OFF VOUCHER! 
For our Before & After Photo Competition we want to know how are you are getting on with your hair dye. We love getting your reviews but we would also like to SEE YOUR PHOTOS. We are making a gallery of pictures for our website to share NEW IDEAS and inspiration to help other people choose their dye. See the gallery here…
Send in your before and after hair dye pictures when you use any of our dyes. Everyone who submits their photos gets a 10% DISCOUNT VOUCHER. The best photo will WIN a £30 VOUCHER to spend on anything they want from Suvarna.
Competition ends 31st May. Send your photos to See more terms and conditions here:
Congratulations to Kaitlin who won the November prize for her before and after Sante Hair Dye pictures...












Before                                                                After 

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