What You Need to Know about the 'No Poo' Hair Method

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

What You Need to Know about the 'No Poo' Hair Method

Understanding the No Poo Hair Colour Method:

Put simply, the No Poo method basically means cleaning your hair with something other than detergents. 

Firstly, ‘no Poo’ isn’t being derogatory about detergents, as some think.  It just means no, or less Shampoo.

Why No Shampoo?

Many shampoos contain sulfates (chemical agents which clean the hair) foaming agents, pH adjusters, preservatives, and other additives.

This is used to clean the hair of dirt, environmental toxins, and over-production of grease (sebum) which can weigh the hair down, leaving it lank and lifeless. Sebum is water-resistant, so extremely difficult to remove with water alone.

However, some people, especially those with sensitive or very oil prone scalps, find that shampoo strips the scalp of all sebum, which is protective of the scalp.  This can lead it more prone to irritation, itchy and scaliness. 

Does No Poo Mean No Washing?

No, absolutely not.  No Poo just means using alternatives to shampoo to clean the hair that doesn’t impact the hairs natural cleaning method so thoroughly.

Why Should I Try ‘No Poo’…

The ‘no poo’ method can take time to get used to, but almost everyone who tries it reports the following benefits:

Eases Signs of Flaky Scalp

If you suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, or Dandruff, No Poo can really help.   Dandruff has a number of causes, but the ‘special shampoos’ you buy for it are often heavily chemical led and over time increase the problem, rather then make it better.

No Poo methods support soothing the scalp, creating less irritation and less likeliehood of flaking.

Stops Grease

It’s hard to believe, but washing your hair with shampoo less, not more can help ease greasy scalps.  Scalp dryness is the main cause of overproduction of grease.  A balanced scalp equals less grease.

No Harmful Chemicals

With the no poo method, you remove exposure to sulfates and chemicals that cause acne, irritation, soreness and dryness. 

Shinier hair that feels amazing

Your hair’s natural oils are perfect for keeping it shiny and soft.  When you strip them with shampoo you make it harder for it to feel amazing.  No Poo helps return it to baby soft glory.

Thicker Hair

If your scalp is dry, your hair overprocessed and you’re creating too much sebum, your hair will only be more prone to breaking and looking limp.

No Poo allows it to balance naturally and look much thicker and bouncier as a result.  You do need to be realistic and give it some time though.

How to Try the No Poo method:

We have a great guide in our hair care centre that talks about the different ways you can go ‘No Poo’.  We often advise using organic Skikakai Powder or Soap Nuts (organic Reetha).

Shikakai has its roots in Ayurveda, and is balancing and gentle on the hair.  Soap Nuts have been used for thousands of years, and with mildly foaming properties is the best alternative for those who like a ‘shampoo’ type effect.

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