Natural Fragrance V Synthetic Fragrance - Effecting on our Health and Well Being.

Thursday, 29 September 2011  |  Tricia

The significance of fragrances should not be underestimated.  Our sense of smell is connected with emotion and can evoke strong emotions or memories of a person, time or place which means something to us.

Artificial fragrance - be it from cosmetics or household cleaning or laundry products - could be masking our natural sense of smell and affect our emotions and subtle perception of the world.

Artificial fragrance when inhaled can get into our lungs cause asthma and other health problems. When in contact with our skin a proportion of it will be absorbed into the body.

“Fragrance” denotes a  bunch of nasty chemicals and allergens
The word "fragrance" on a cosmetic ingredients list - be it makeup, skin care or perfume may denote a long list of chemicals many of them allergens which get inside your body and stay there causing health problems and sensitization which is difficult to reverse. Legally the manufacturers are not obliged to disclose the full ingredients of a fragrance because it is a trade secret formula.

It is so unnecessary to create synthetic scent given the wealth of gorgeous fragrance available from pure essential plant oils. Essential oils are more expensive than chemical fragrance which is the motivation of the profit driven chemical cosmetic manufacturers. Chemicals are also more controllable, uniform and don’t vary according the crop and climate. I’d rather pay more to get the real thing rather than a plastic smell!

At suvarna, needless to say, we don’t sell any cosmetics at all with synthetic fragrance. 

Unscented – special masking chemicals needed
Some petrochemical cosmetic products which are advertised as unscented can mean they use loads of chemicals to mask the natural (or unnatural) scent of the other ingredients. The marketing of the product may give the impression that it is a simple, gentle product - but it is actually not simple but complicated to make something smell of nothing.

When a natural organic cosmetics brand states “unscented” it means it is without essential oils, but it will still smell of the natural ingredients - natural oils etc.

Perfume with a holistic therapeutic effect
Essential oils, as we know from the study of aromatherapy, have powerful therapeutic properties. And we know how they can create a mood - relaxing, de-stressing. healing or stimulating effect. Cosmetics with essential oils do more than nourish the outward appearance of the body – they give a holistic, therapeutic effect on your body making the whole you, inside and out, more beautiful.

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