Orange : The Leaves, The Blossom and The Fruit

Friday, 22 August 2014  |  Tricia
Neroli - Orange BlossomOrange essential oil is one of the most potent and used essential oils in modern society. However, it should be noted, that the orange tree itself is comprised of three parts: the leaves, the blossom and the fruit. 

Orange and its two cousins, Neroli and Petitgrain,  all come from the same family, Rutaceae. They also all share a common Latin derivative, and the Latin name for Orange can be one of three: Citrus Vulgaris, Citrus Aurantium or Citrus Sinesis. While we all know Orange is the fruit of its plant, it is not as well known that Petitgrain comes from the leaves and shoots of the orange tree, and that Neroli comes from the blossoms that grow on this tree. All three share remarkable properties.

Orange essential oil is often split into two separate categories : Sweet Orange and Bitter Orange. This oil comes from the fruit of the orange tree. While differing slightly in fragrance, these two oils share similar properties, with the Bitter Orange being more zesty and strong than the Sweet

Orange is a positive oil. It is a mood brightener – it can be used to bring a smile to those feeling blue, uplifting them. Typically it is used to bring cheer and joy to those feeling sad over a short period of time rather than to calm and soothe someone in distress. 

Orange is a wonderful stomach tonic, helpful for any digestive discomfort we might have. It is very relaxing and aids in calming our nerves. It is very useful if suffering a virus or a flu as it is high in Vitamin C, which is good for getting rid of nasty colds and fevers.

Orange also has a strong effect on the skin. It helps bring moisture back to dry skin and encourages cell regrowth and repair as it is a natural source of collagen, which is great for warding off wrinkles on mature skin.

Petitgrain as an oil is extracted from the shoots and leaves of the orange tree. This oil has more woody notes to it than perhaps the other two oils, giving it a distinct aroma. 

It is less sharp and uplifting than Orange the fruit – providing a soothing and calming, floral aroma, helping to relieve periods of anxiety or worry, and aiding with sleeplessness. It can also be used after periods of illness, helping to rebalance the immune system.

It can help with aiding acne and blemishes on the skin due to a tonic effect.  

Neroli oil is the most luxurious of the oils from the orange tree. It is extracted from the blossom that grows on the tree, giving it a strong floral aroma. 

Neroli is very relaxing, and is a great reliever of severe mood disorders – such as long periods of depression or anxiety, as well as stress. As it is so relaxing it is also helpful to those suffering with sleeplessness. 

Due to its relaxing properties, neroli can be used to calm nerve problems, and also digestive problems such as colitis or intestinal distress. It is also said to be helpful for hysteria and tearfulness as it is a powerful mood reliever and is so relaxing!

Neroli has powerful cytophylactic properties, which means it encourages the growth of healthy new cells. Therefore it has a rejuvenating effect. The rate at which new cells reproduce is slowed down with age. This means it is a perfect oil for using with mature or aging skin. 


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