New Sante Colour Creams

Sunday, 11 May 2014  |  Tricia

Sante Colour Creams

These new colour creams in 5 shades are very easy to use. They give gentle colour whilst leaving your hair silky, shiny and volumised.

I can't wait to try them myself. I'll be trying the Cognac Blonde shade next week. I'll let you know how I get on :)

The formula is similar to the Logona Colour Creams but the shades are different. So if you like the Logona Colour Creams this may be something to check out as an alternative. Because this is a new product Sante have not provided us with a shade chart guide yet, so all we have to go on is the colour of hair on the box. It is best to use a shade that is a little darker than your existing hair colour.

They will not lighten your hair. The cognac blonde would only be suitable for hair that was already light coloured.

The Sante Colour Creams contain henna but don't contain Indigo therefore they are not likely to give very strong dark colours and the colours will tend to be on the warm side. These products would not be suitable if you have dark hair. 

To avoid a surprise, strand testing is necessary before you put the colour all over your hair.

Sante do not state that it is suitable for grey coverage but we would expect that it would give some slight grey coverage. 

Sante Colour Creams are, as all the hair colours we sell, free from synthetic colours, chemical fragrances, preservatives, peroxide, ammonia and other chemical ingredients. They do not alter the chemical structure of your hair but, but coat it with a protective sheen, and binds itself with your natural hair colour.

They contain finely ground 100% natural ingredients such as tree bark, herbs, henna and fruits.  The full ingredients list of the different shades are displayed here...

Recommendations for Dark Hair

If you want to darken already dark hair, or cover grey on dark hair then I would recommend using the powder dyes such as pure henna and/or indigo, or possibly 'It's Pure Organics' Dark Brown Herbal Hair Colour Powder.

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