Mother's Day Gifts!

Sunday, 3 March 2013  |  Tricia

Why Not Give an Organic Gift Set Instead of the Traditional Mothers Day Gift of Flowers? (We traditionally give flowers to honor and thank our mother, but I usually give my Mum some lovely body care products, while my siblings give flowers).

An organic gift set is similar to fresh flowers as it is made with organic plant and flower essences in an array of delicate fragrances to choose from.  The lovely organic gift sets are delicately packaged in pretty little organza gift bags with drawstring ribbons.
One Advantage of our gift sets is that the price doesn’t go up just before Mother’s day!  In fact gift sets are more affordable than buying the products individually as each set costs less than the price of all the products in it.They also last longer than flowers and are more useful and practical. Our sets are certified organic but the fresh flowers you buy are not!
Many of our products contain essential oils with therapeutic value - relaxing, soothing, de-stressing or energising - especially the Tisserand therapeutic aromatherapy rollerballs perfumes, or the Lavender Set (left) including a soothing Lavender Pillow Mist to help you sleep.
Hand Made with Love Suvarna Skin Care Gift Sets  - nourishing facial oils, serums and lip balms to moisturise your skin with all organic ingredients certified by the Soil Association. Prices ranging from £6.90 to £34.95  For example the luxurious Suvarna Organic Skincare Gift Set with Argan Rich Nourishing Serum, Organic Rosewater Skin Freshener Spray and Organic Lip Balm (Right) is only £20.90
If you prefer a body care gift set instead of skin serums and scents, have a look at Lavera’s Body Spa sets -  Rose Garden Gift Set with hand cream and shower gel (left),  £9.90 or Lavera Honey Moments Shower Gel and body Lotion Gift Set £11.90.
We also have single-product gifts, both large and luxurious, like perfumes, or small, like bath salts for £2.50, face masks, or soaps and make up, like this 
one from Odylique. 
Whichever one you go for, you can be sure that it will be the most natural way to nurture both skin and body, as they are all full of pure, organic, botanical ingredients.
You can see all our gifts are in one place here or just the ones we selected for mother's day here...

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