Its Pure Dead Brilliant Hair Dyes

Monday, 22 September 2014  |  Tricia

It’s Pure Dead Brilliant Hair Dyes
‘Pure dead brilliant’ is a modern Scottish slang phrase meaning ‘the best’ or ‘Exceptionally good’. We originally chose the name 'Its pure organics' for our brand to signify its purity and organic credentials. We later learnt of the Scottish phrase and thought it suited pretty well. We think our hair dyes are 'pure dead brilliant' as well as being very pure!

Apart from singing the praises of our hair dyes I wanted tell you about the special offer on the Chestnut and Natural Brown, some useful hair dye tips and about a new shade, Strawberry Blonde. Also to remind you about the 5% discount coupon code you can get when you enter the organic beauty competition.

Why are 'It's Pure' Hair Colours So Pure Dead Brilliant?

I - Ingredients are of the highest quality, fresh and potent.
T- Totally free of chemicals, animal ingredients, gluten, PPD, ammonia, peroxide, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, metals, GMOs.
S - Shine enhancing leaving your hair dead brilliantly glossy and volumised.
P - Purely organic with every single ingredient certified organic.
U - Unique - the only Herbal Hair Colours to be Certified Organic by the Soil Association.
R - Really great at covering grey. Customers often comment how they cover their grey hair better than other all natural hair colours - See reviews below.
E - Easier to mix and apply than other henna type powders. The powder is very finely sifted and grit free so it makes a smooth creamy paste.

New Dead Brilliant Strawberry Blonde Shade
This new Strawberry Blonde shade is ideal for blondes who want to enhance their hair with a beautiful Strawberry Blonde tint and extra shine and volume. It will colour grey hair to a light strawberry blonde tint. It will not lighten your hair so won't work on dark hair. If you want a more reddish strawberry blonde you can mix a bit of pure red henna with it. Strand test first though if you are going to mix colours together.

Special Offers
Two shades of It's Pure Organics are on offer this month: Chestnut £10.95 £9.95 and Natural Brown £10.95 £10.30.

Use Your 5% Off Coupon 
Everyone who enters the Organic Beauty Competition gets emailed a 5% discount coupon code to spend on our Soil Association Certified Products, so you could use this to get 5% Off these It's Pure Herbal Hair Colours. To qualify you need to enter the code in the shopping basket or quote the code if your order by phone. The last chance to enter the competition 30th September.

It's Pure Beautiful Shade Chart And Colour Mixing
It's Pure Herbal Hair Colours will produce different results on different initial hair colours. See the shade chart below to get an idea of how it works. 

The Dark Brown is the darkest most popular brown shade. The natural brown is a warmer lighter brown.

You can mix the Herbal Hair Colours together to get your own unique shade.

If Dark Brown is too dark for you you can add a little Natural Brown or Chestnut. The Chestnut is more red than the Natural Brown so adding chestnut would produce a redder result.

If Dark Brown is not dark enough you can add some Indigo Black to it. But be careful not to use to much Indigo black on grey hair or it can go a blue/green colour.

Leaving the colour on for a longer time gives a stronger colour. The brown shades also tend be a cooler and less red the longer you leave them on for.

Another thing you can try is building up layers of colour, either the same colour to make a stronger colour or different colours.

If you use dark colours repeatedly all over your hair it can build up too much colour at the ends of your hair.  See my blog post here for tips on how to deal with this.

See some of our customers before and after pictures here. We also invite you to send in your before and after pictures.

TO AVOID A SURPRISE STRAND TEST FIRST, it is the only way to test what the colour outcome will be. You can purchase tester sizes to try out different shades. 

Verification of It's Pure Dead Brilliant Status
We have 57 dead brilliant customer reviews on It's Pure Herbal Hair Colours on our website here are a few sample reviews from our website:

Great Natural Colour (Dark Brown) by Charlotte
"Absolutely love this product.... My hair feels healthy, the colour is rich, and was surprisingly straightforward to apply.... Although I do recommend using a brush to paint it on, then rub it in like shampoo once it's all applied.... It got darker over a couple of days which I liked a lot.... And the best bit is knowing that it's organic and has no nasty chemicals! Will be stocking up!"

Amazing (Chestnut) by R
"This works brilliantly and no horrid smells like you have with the dye full of chemicals. Will defo be ordering more. Covers greys better too than the supermarket dyes. Worth paying extra for"

Best Henna I've Used (Dark Brown) by Katherine
"Good grey coverage - and my hair is very resistant, and a true dark brown without ginger overtones. It was very dark and quite a flat colour for the first day, but then lightened and looked very natural. It does fade and I will probably top up the roots every three to four weeks, but it does not leave such a harsh and obvious line as chemical colours, and the condition properties are excellent".

Great Product (Natural Brown) by Paul
"I have used this product for over a year now to colour a prematurely white beard. It's great! Easy on my skin, gives a good natural colour and is easy to mix and apply. Just what I was looking for!"

The perfect Henna for dark brown hair (Dark Brown) by Lil
"I've tried a lot of henna products since discovering I have a permanent hair dye allergy, and this is the perfect one for dark brown hair, no copper tint, just looks natural and covers my gray well, delighted".

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