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Friday, 28 March 2014  |  Tricia
If you wish for a completely natural hair colour cream that's hassle free and easy, Logona Colour Creams must be the easiest to use, all natural hair colour cream on the market.Logona Colour Cream - Squeezing Out of the Tube However the colour range is limited and doesn't suit everyone. They are currently on offer £15.95 £14.95! 

A new customer review below is an good example of a Logona Colour Cream experience. Thank you Jill for taking the time to write this! You can also see another 121 reviews of them on our website 

"Build Up Grey Coverage to Achieve a Natural Look" by Jill
Logona Natural Hair Colour Cream is a marvellous alternative to chemical hair products. With no adverse reaction at all, I have now used the Nougat Brown product three times and can see the positive effects. My first application wasn't impressive, grey hair was still showing especially at my temples. But...I had failed to realise I needed to wear the plastic warming cap. I gave it another application leaving my colour to develop for 2 hours; complete with shower cap effect!! This time there was improvement but still quite subtle. I read up more about the process and on my third application I wore the plastic warming cap and applied hairdryer heat on top of the bag for 10 minutes. I kept a towel wrapped over the bag to keep the heat in (and look slightly more respectable should I need to answer the front door!) The results are very pleasing, the grey is covered but not brown, more blonde!! And that's what makes it look more natural, no harsh growth lines or white parting. It really does have a natural appearance. I think for me the trick is to keep applying the colour to build on grey coverage. I am so pleased I didn't give up. It is no more tricky than chemical hair colour to apply it just takes longer to develop but its definitely worth it. Delivery is incredibly fast too."Logona Colour Creams
I can vouch for the Nougat Colour Cream as I have used it myself. It is very easy to use, and it does give a really nice natural warm looking colour. However if you have a lot of white/grey hair it doesn't give a brown colour on grey/white hair but more of a blonde colour.  

Everyone's hair is different and so not everyone will have the same result as Jill. Some people's hair will be more porous and easy to dye and get a stronger colour immediately, while other people's hair is more resistant to dye and will get a lighter result. Strand testing first is the only way you can know how it will be before putting it all over your hair.
None of the Logona Colour Cream shades will not give a strong dark colour on grey hair. The Teak brown is slightly darker than the nougat, but it tends to be a bit gingery on grey/white hair. If you have dark brown hair the logona colour creams are not suitable for you. I would recommend a powder hair dye for dark brown such as It's Pure Organics Dark Brown.

A good combination for blonde, or light mousey hair with grey streaks is to mix together 1/2 nougat and 1/2 copper blonde.  It will often Blonde Modelgive light blonde highlights on the grey streaks and not darken the already blonde hair too much. I know this because I have tried this myself and I have recommended it to many customers. (But again I cant guarantee this result for everyone). 

The blonde model, below right, has the hair colour that would benefit from copper blonde to give a warmer tint, or Indian Summer for a more strawberry blonde tint. If she was old enough to have have grey streaks the nougat and copper blonde mixture would give lighter blonde highlights.

Suggestions for Stubborn Grey at the Temples
As Jill experienced, grey hair at the temples can be more stubborn. More attention may be needed on this area. Firstly I would suggest applying the colour to this area half an hour before you put the rest of colour on the rest of your hair, so it's effectively on this area for longer. Secondly I suggest using more heat from a hair drier on this area. Thirdly you can do a second application just on the temples. If you are just applying colour to the temples tie or pin back the rest of your hair so it doesn't get in the way.

Are There Any Other Natural Colour Creams Available?
We sell another all natural cream hair dye, Palette by Nature, which will usually give a stronger colour than Logona Creams. However it is not so easy to use as Logona cream. Although it is possible to get strong colours on grey hair, it is unpredictable and doesnt work for everyone. 

More Natural Hair Dye Information
If you want any more in depth information and tips about different types of natural hair dyes you can check out my natural hair care information portal or have a look at all our natural hair dyes here...

*Beware of hair dye creams sold in health food shops, such as herbatint, tints of nature and naturtint, which imply they are natural but they actually contain lots of chemicals. This is why we don't sell them. There are other colour creams with henna in the title which contain a mixture of chemicals and henna. We don't sell these either. 

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