Tips for increasing shiny hair naturally without chemicals

1 CommentWednesday, 11 July 2012  |  Tricia
Tips for increasing shine naturally without chemicals
  • Cider vinegar rinse - some people swear by using an apple cider vinegar solution as a rinse after washing their hair.
  • Cold water rinse – after washing your hair, rinse it in cold water. This closes the cuticle, making each hair’s surface smoother, so you style is shinier.
  • Your hair style - long hair is generally shinier than short hair or layered hair . Curly hair is generally less shiny than straight hair.
  • Your Shampoo & conditioner - I personally find Logona shampoo & conditoners make my hair more shiny than Aubrey Shampoo & Conditioners. Others may say the opposite.
  • Avoid split ends - have regular trims. Don’t damage your hair with heat and chemical treatments.
  • Choosing hair colours – use natural hair dyes such as Logona, Aubrey or pure Henna & Indigo – they close the cuticles for better shine.
  • Try Cassia Obovata - sometimes known as colourless henna, cassia coats your hair, closing the cuticle, making you hair smooth and shiny.


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