How to Apply Henna Yourself

5 CommentsSaturday, 8 September 2012  |  Tricia

organic henna mix


Mix up your organic henna, as per the instructions. Here is the brew all ready to go.

sectioning hair for henna application


Prepare your hair. It should be clean, without any conditioner. Section off the top layer(s)of your hair with hair elastics or clips. Put gloves on if you don’t want stained fingers! 




applying henna to section of hair




Section off pieces of hair and put the paste on with your fingers, working it in to fully cover every strand in the section.



applying henna to back sections of hair 

Doing the front sections of your hair is easy. For the back, you can look in the mirror, but it’s still a bit tricky. Unless you have double mirrors, you do it by feel.



coating layers of hair with organic henna



When the underneath layer of your hair is completely coated, let down the top layer one section at a time, coating each one as you go.




completely henna-coated hair

When all of your hair is totally coated, you can tie it up off your neck if you like. Then cover and leave to dye, as the instructions describe.

Our henna, cassia, and indigo powders are quite finely ground and so not at all gritty or twiggy.   They will mix into a smooth paste which is easier to apply than some poorer-quality henna powders. You can buy them here...   Applying henna your self is not so difficult when you get into a routine.

Ask Tricia a natural hair dye question here...

Have fun with your henna mud pies!


Tuesday, 22 January 2013  |  22:28

Hi I have massive allergic reactions to hair dye and have also visited a and e because of this. I have also had an allergic reaction to black henna but been advised that this is not true organic henna. I have many grey hairs and was wondering if u could send me a small sample before I purchase so I can test on a small piece of hair. I am desperate to find something that I can cover my grey hairs with. I have even tried organic hair dyes before and had allergic reactions to these too.

Monday, 29 June 2015  |  0:03

Normally it's PPD or PTD you get allergic reaction from when you dye your hair. You should ONLY use 100 % pure henna (= orange or red hair) - with NO INDIGO! Pure henna does not contain any PPD or PTD, but indigo, also called "black henna" is not real henna, but often causes severe allergic reactions - or even deaths in worst case.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015  |  20:55

Hi Mette, It is true that its usually PPD that usually causes the nasty allergic reactions. None of our products contain PPD or PTD. Our indigo powder does not contain PPD, just the ground leaves of the indigo plant. You can use our indigo to mix together with henna to create a variety of shades.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015  |  21:05

Hi Liarna,
The Hair Colours we sell are totally 100% natural and unlikely to give you a reaction. However some people are allergic to natural ingredients too. The organic hair dye and black henna you had a reaction to previously may have not been really natural and may have had chemicals added. Before you use a new hair colour on your hair it would be advisable to do a 48 hour patch skin test first on the inside of your elbow. We have some small tester sizes of the some of the powder hair colours which you can purchase on this page:

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