Florascent - The Traditional Art of Perfumery

Friday, 30 September 2011  |  Tricia

Florascent natural organic perfumes are created by perfumer Roland Tentunian.  He uses his sensitive artistic craftmanship and technical knowledge to revive the old fashioned art of perfumery of 17th century Paris.

The Florascent perfume brand uses exclusively pure natural plant ingredients and plant extracts. The perfume is derived from essential oils, plant extracts, maccerated oils (oils infused with plants), tinctures and essential oil isolates. 

This natural perfume range contains no synthetic fragrance, or synthetic preservative. It avoids all the nasty chemicals associated with mainstream synthetic perfumes which can get inside your body and cause allergies and health problems.  

Each perfume is hand-bottled, hand-sealed in elegant glass bottles and the Aqua Foralis range (right) are also packed in stylish hand-made paper tubes.

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