Dyeing your Beard Naturally

1 CommentWednesday, 8 August 2012  |  Tricia
Many people have been asking us about dyeing their beards with our natural dyes. Unfortunately, all the dyes we sell are designed for hair, not for beards, which react very differently to dyes. None of our dyes are recommended for use on beards. 

However, we do know that some men have managed to dye their beards with some of our powdered henna based dyes. If you want a very dark colour on your beard it would probably best to use a mixture of pure henna and indigo, which can give varying shades of brown to black. Our henna and indigo are totally pure and natural, organic certified, and have high dye content – you can read more about how to use them here

If you want to use something slightly easier than mixing up henna and indigo you could try It's Pure Herbal Hair Colours such as the Very Dark Brown, Dark BrownChestnut Brown, or Natural Brown.

If you want a lighter shade you could try Logona Natural Brown or Logona Brown Umber powders (but not the Logona Colour Creams – these would probably not be strong enough to dye your beard). We warn you away from trying Palette by Nature, as it has a tendency to stain the skin, which could be a problem if applied to the face!

We cannot guarantee that any of these products effectively dye your beard, we only offer these guidelines in case you are really keen to try a natural dye, even knowing that it may not be as successful on a beard as it is on hair. . 

A final note - in our own research, we came across this video of a man dyeing his beard with henna and indigo. We don’t know him personally, so can’t vouch for his dyeing technique, but we thought it might be of interest to you in your natural beard dye research. Good luck!
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