Our New DIY Hair Dye Kit

Sunday, 18 November 2012  |  Tricia
Pure henna and indigo powders work really well at colouring your hair and covering grey to a dark colour.  If you’d like to try this but don’t want the hassle of buying the items separately and thinking about measuring them out in the right proportions to get the desired effect, then you need our new hair colour kit. We've done the thinking for you and have measured out all the ingredients to the right proportions. All you have to do is add water and mix. 
The kit includes henna, indigo, cassia and amla in the proportions needed to give a dark brown colour, with full instructions, gloves and processing cap. 
The resulting colour outcome after using this kit does depend on the colour of your hair before using it.  If your hair is very light coloured grey or white one application of this kit may result in more of a light brown. But you can build up the colour with a second application. If you’re your hair is light or medium brown then it will most likely result in a dark brown.  Although we do our best to formulate this kit so that you get a good colour, we cannot guarantee the colour because everyone’s hair is different and will take the colour slightly differently.
Although the kit is designed to make it easy for you, if you feel confident about experimenting, you can also modify this kit yourself by adding more  'Its Pure' Henna, Indigo or cassia powders.

Click here to find out more about this Hair Colour Kit.

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