Collagen Reduction and Aging Skin

Wednesday, 19 October 2011  |  Tricia

Collagen is a fibrous protein which supports the structure of the body and is found in many places throughout the tissues such as muscles, tendons, blood vessels and the skin.  Reduction of collagen in the skin causes sagging and wrinkles. It happens naturally with aging but it is also affected by other factors:

Factors which reduce collagen in the skin:

  1. Excessive free radicals which can be caused by toxins in diet and environment, smoking and alcohol
  2. Excessive sugar in the diet
  3. Unprotected exposure to sun
  4. Smoking
  5. Vitamin C deficiency caused by lack of fresh fruit and veg
  6. Drop in estrogen levels at Menopause
  7. Stress

By attending to these factors in your diet and lifestyle you can help to prevent aging of your skin.

Over-exposure to the sun without sunscreen causes premature aging of the skin. I recommend a natural sunscreen when exposed to strong sunlight.

Free radicals, chemical terrorists produced by our exposure to toxins in  from the environment can be removed or neutralized by anti-oxidants. There are many organic botanical ingredients in organic skin care products which are anti-oxidants such as green tea, vitamin E, and rosemary extract.  Foods In our diet such as fruit and vegetables have an antioxidant effect. Turmeric is also powerful antioxidant.

Taking collagen supplements, injections and creams are not something I would recommend. I prefer to focus on being healthy through diet and lifestyle.

Since the drop in estrogen at menopause causes a reduction of collagen - hormone replacement  therapy will have an effect of plumping up your skin. However I would not recommend this as a way of looking younger since it is unnatural and has side effects.

Natural and organic skin care with special anti-aging botanical plant formulas will also help to protect against ageing of the skin and balance and improve skin health.

Dr Nancy Lonsdorf MD, an ayurvedic doctor from USA, has written many books on women's health.  I recommend this book "The Ageless Woman Natural health and beauty after 40" Gives a lot of useful, practical ayurvedic advice on how women can stay healthy and young-looking and avoid problems associated with menopause and ageing.


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