Choosing the Right Foundation For You

Tuesday, 18 May 2010  |  Tricia

It is important to choose a foundation that suits your skin tone and skin type. If you get the foundation that doesn't suit you it can be worse than no makeup at all.

Different foundations have different textures. You may prefer a light foundation or even a tinted moisturiser. Sante foundation is a lighter foundation but not as light as a tinted moisturiser such as the Lavera Tinted Moisturiser or the Madara Moon Flower or Sun Flower Tinting Fluid.  Or perhaps you prefer a heavier foundation that will do a good job of concealing blemishes. The Certified Organic Nvey Delux foundation is good for concealing blemishes.  Nvey Cream Delux Foundation is used for make-overs by makeup artists on models, for weddings and even for theatrical makeup.

The colour of your foundation must be a close match to your natural skin colour.  If you want to have a little darker colour it should not be too much darker. It is important to know whether you have a cool skin tone with pink/blue undertones or a warm skin tone with yellow/gold undertones. If you dont already know a colour consultant can advise you of this.

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