​The Benefits of using exfoliators, scrubs and face masks:

Friday, 10 January 2014  |  Tricia

It is beneficial to use masks or scrubs once or twice a week in addition to your daily skin care routine. You can use our ready made organic exfoliators and masks or make your own scrubs and masks from ingredients in your kitchen.

1. Unclogs pores - Removes dirt and impurities which helps prevent blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes and acne

2. Shine control - Removes excess oil which causes shiny skin

3. Leaves skin softer and smoother

4. Leaves skin fresh, brighter and more youthful looking

5. Helps people with dry skin - Removes dead dry skin cells which improves the effectiveness and absorption of moisturizers

6. Moisturizing masks have nourishing ingredients to give deep moisture

7. Anti-ageing effect - Removes dead skin cells which boosts the skins natural renewal capabilities

8. Stimulates circulation thus improving overall skin health

Make your own scrubs and masks 

Check out our ready made organic and natural scrubs and masks

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