Avoiding hair loss and premature greyness

2 CommentsWednesday, 11 July 2012  |  Tricia
Try Bhringaraj Herb (eclipta alba) - this is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb. It nourishes and strengthens the hair and helps prevent hair loss, balding, and premature greying.

Bhringaraj can be applied as an oil and massaged into the scalp, or mixed up as a paste made from Bhringaraj powder. Either way, it is left on the head for a few hours, then washed off with shampoo. You can use Bhringaraj powder with other volumising, nutritious herbal powders, such as cassia, amla or henna. Bhringaraj oil also helps to prevent dryness of hair and scalp. It’s also used in the treatment of skin diseases, and helps get rid of dandruff.

Strengthen your hair from the inside - If your hair is weak or falling out, there may be some lack of nutrition in your diet, or you may need a health boost of nutritional supplements.

I would recommend Solaray Super Silica Plus, which promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. Maharishi Ayurveda Healthy Hair and Nails is also a favourite strengthening and fortifying supplement, which can help to reduce hair loss too.

See also tips for volumising your hair naturally


Saturday, 13 May 2017  |  21:46

Hi I have grey hairs and also having hair fall just want to colour my hairs with natural treatment and nature products so pls give honest advice regarding this problem thx

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