Autumn Hair & Beauty Tips

6 CommentsTuesday, 22 September 2015  |  Tricia

‘The season of mellow fruitfulness’ enjoying the organic fruits, leaves, herbs of nature to nurture your skin and hair.Essential Oils and Flowers

As the nights are drawing in you spend more time indoors so it’s a perfect time for relaxing and pampering yourself.

The prospect of less sunshine and winter cold coming can be a bit depressing. Caring for your body uplifts your heart and makes you look and feel good about yourself. 

After the drying effect of the summer sun, Autumn is an especially good time for deep moisture treatments. It also prepares you for the drying effects of winter weather.

1. Deep Conditioning Oil Treatments For Your Hair 
Soaking your hair in oil for a few hours or overnight deeply moisturises your hair. You can use any plant oil you like. Sesame is warming and relaxing. Coconut is great for your hair and very cooling. There are lots of wonderful oils such as argan, macademia, hemp etc. Add a few drops of Lavender oil for a relaxing effect or rosemary oil to stimulate the scalp.  Or try the already blended Suvarna Macademia & Argan Moisturising Hair Oil.   

2. Herbal Hair Rinse To Brighten Your Hair Colour

To enliven your existing hair colour with a gentle herbal rinse. It is very quick and easy to do. Benefit from a slight colour tint and from the therapeutic, conditioning effects of the herbs. 

Try an infusion of 2 table spoons herbs to a cup of boiling water, cover and leave to brew for 30 minutes then strain the herbs out. 

Suggested herbs to use for different initial hair colours:

For Blonde hair: Chamomile and Calendula flowers tea

For Brown Hair: Black tea, Sage and/or Rosemary tea. 

For Red Hair: Hibiscus Tea

After washing your hair either pour the herbal infusion over your hair as a final rinse and leave to dry. Or use a spray bottle to spray it on your hair then wrap your hair in cling wrap or shower cap. Wrap a towel round your head to keep it warm. Leave it on your hair for an hour before rinsing.

3. Deeply Moisturising Facial Oil Treatments
At the same time as treating your hair why not give your face an oil treatment.

There lots of wonderful oils for your skin, such as rosehip, argan, evening primrose, almond oil etc. Or you can just use cold pressed oils that you already have in your kitchen such as olive oil.
Liberally apply the oil to your face and massage for a few minutes Leave on for up to 3 hours. Rinse with warm water.
If you are not oiling your hair at the same time and you dont want to get it oily, tie hair back out of the way or use a shower cap. 

4. A Healthy Natural Autumn Glow To Your Cheeks
For a really organic blush powder try a little beetroot powder on your cheeks and lips. Or for something more conventional, but natural and chemical free, try Lavera Lips and Cheeks Tint - Pink Primrose. It’s in a little balm pot and gives either a subtle hint of colour to lips and cheeks or if you put more on it’s a stronger colour. I really like it as it’s very natural looking and also versatile.

5. Autumn Glow For Your Hair With A Cleansing Hair Strengthening Treatment
Shikakai fruit paste cleanses your hair instead of shampoo. It conditions your hair and makes it more silky. Try adding a little of your favourite henna hair colour to the mix to boost your colour in between dyeing. Add a little Amla or Bhringaraj to encourage healthy hair growth.
Mixing Shikakai Powder

6. Essential Oils For Autumn
Neroli (orange blossom)oil is perfect for the season of ‘mellow fruitfulness’ with an uplifting & relaxing, fruity, floral oil - great for sensitive and aging skin and as a perfume.  

For use in aroma burners the warm spicy aroma of Ginger essential oil uplifts, invigorates and helps guard against colds as do the fruity, zesty aromas of Orange and Mandarin essential oils.

7. Ayurvedic Autumn Tips 
Since Autumn is the start of the ‘Vata’ Season it’s a time to soothe and balance Vata dosha. Take adequate rest, keep warm, eat warm nourishing food and drink. Sesame oil body massage is wonderfully balancing for Vata dosha. Herbs such as ginger, asaphoeteda, ashwagandha, licorice and bhrami are also very good for Vata dosha. An Ayurvedic consultant would be able to prescribe specific herbs for your physiology and any health problems you may have.  For more information about Ayurveda click here

Most of All Relax, Enjoy & Be Happy!

I invite you to share your comments and your own ideas and tips for Autumn below:

Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  15:16

I love washing my hair with Shikakai it makes it so silky. Mixing a bit of henna hair colour with Shikakai sounds like a great idea. I am going to try it next time!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  15:32

Wow, this all sounds great! I just have one question: as I have naturally oily skin and hair, will using oils not make it greasy? What are the best oils to use for oily skin?

Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  19:22

Tricia, I've been hennaring my hair for several months now, and mainly with your rajasthani henna. It's lovely. However, my hair has taken a mood and doesn't like the shampoos and conditioners I used prior to henna.

I naturally have fine but thick hair - and henna is making it even thicker, and a nightmare to comb out following washing. I want to avoid silicones for ease of slip, but am not sure what else I can use. It can take me about 15 minutes to really comb my hair through after washing, especially now the henna has thickened it further, lol! Help!!??

Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  19:28

Hi Janine, This is a good question. If your hair and skin are oily you don't need to apply as much oil. Oil is more suitable for dry skin and hair. If you do use oils I suggest using the lighter dry oils such as rosehip, evening primrose, camilia, or safflower. Jojoba oil is reputed to balance oily skin. For oily hair the Soap nut powder hair wash is good, and powder treatments such as cassia or amla would be good.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  20:33

Hi Semayden, Have you tried running your fingers through your hair to separate it and get your hair in the right place before combing, and then using a wide tooth comb? (sorry if sounds obvious but that's what I do). Start combing the ends and then work up. The Aubrey Chia detangler conditioner may be worth a try. Or perhaps put a tiny bit of oil on your fingers before running through your hair.

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