100% natural highlights - peroxide free!

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I got some 100% natural highlights done this weekend.  I had a lovely, relaxing time while they were being done, too - not at an expensive luxury spa, but walking through the sunshine in the beautiful English Lake District!

Here is a pic of Cumbria on a sunny day. Imagine cute lambs, and rolling Hobbit hills in the background. When I got home, I was delighted to see that my hair looked considerably lighter. (I must confess, I secretly envy people with highlights! But of course I couldn't bring myself to put all the harmful highlighting chemicals on my own hair). 

Spring is a lovely time to get sun highlights, as it is not too summery-hot that you need to wear a hat.  The sun does dry your hair a bit, but I don’t actually mind that because when my hair is drier it gets curlier, looking volumised and full-bodied. If you are wary of the drying effect, but want the sun, you can always try a really good conditioning treatment or oil to keep your hair healthy.
Chamomile flowers
What about going lighter with natural Suvarna hair dyes?
Customers often ask if the natural hair dyes we sell will lighten your hair.  The answer is, that they cannot. No truly natural dye (including everything you'll see on Suvarna) can lighten your hair at all, because the only way a hair dye can lighten your hair is with a chemical, peroxide.  Peroxide lifts the colour off your hair - and consequently damages your hair. We won't have any of that in our dyes! Better to stick to sunshine, I say.

The good news! - Get a lighter look on your light-coloured hair
If you are light to dark blonde, or even very light brunette, some products may give the impression of highlights (though they don’t really lighten or strip your hair). Have a look at my blog post here to get the inside information:

In this blog post I detail my experiences of using blonde shampoos and rinses to give the impression of lighter hair.   I mention Aubrey Organics Chamomile Shampoo, Logona Chamomile Shampoo, Palette By Nature Grey Blending System Light, and even rinsing my hair with an infusion of chamomile tea!

What if I want to lighten a hair dye that has turned too dark?
Don't panic! There are natural, non-damaging ways to lift off some hair dye, if the colour you've ended up with is darker than you like. Check out my blog post here to find out what they are:

On each blog post there is a box at the bottom where you can make comments, or ask questions which I will answer.  You need to be logged into your account to do this. Feel free to add any natural hair lightening tips of your own, and share your knowledge and experience with the Suvarna community!

Below lambs resting just like those in Grasmere, Cumbria (they don't need highlights!)

Thursday, 30 May 2013  |  20:13

I have dark blonde hair with 80% grey. Will the chamomile shampoos turn my grey hair blonde?

Christine Topping
Wednesday, 5 June 2013  |  10:54

Try a 1 part henna to 4 part cassis mix, and and you will never look back but you will surely turn heads!
My depressing mousey brown extremely grey hair is now radiant and golden - I just could not be happier.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013  |  13:29

Hi Jean
The chamomile shampoo gives only a slight golden tint on light coloured hair. If you have a lot of grey it will not significantly colour your grey blonde. It would be better to use one of the blonde natural hair dyes to colour grey hair blonde.

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