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BDIH Certification Criteria

The BDIH current minimum requirements to receive the BDIH seal of approval are as follows:

Botanical Ingredients

Use of botanical ingredients whenever possible is encouraged. Plants should be grown organically or wild-harvested, although consideration is given for alternatives based on quality and availability.

Certified Natural MakeupAnimal Protection and Animal Testing

Neither in the production nor in product development is testing on animals to be carried out, nor outsourced to another company. Ingredients not on the market before 1/1/98 may only be used if they were not tested on animals. Ingredients already on the market that were tested on animals after 1/1/98 are excluded even if they were carried out by a third party, by contract, with permission of the contracting buying agent or by anyone legally or contractually connected with them. The use of animal by-products from vertebrates (i.e. spermaceti, tortoise oil, mink oil, marmot oil, animal fats, animal collagen or fresh cells) is not allowed.

Mineral Ingredients

The use of inorganic salts (i.e., magnesium sulfate) and mineral ingredients (i.e., sodium chloride) is generally allowed.

Restricted Ingredients

Emulsifying agents and surfactants may be used if they are obtained by the hydrolysis, hydrogenation, esterification, or trans-esterification of the following materials: fats, oils and waxes; lecithin, lanolin, monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides; proteins and lipoproteins.

Lavera BDIH Certified Body CareUnacceptable Ingredients

Synthetic coloring agents; synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated ingredients; silicones; paraffin and other petroleum products. The criterion for permitted fragrances is the ISO Norm 9235.


Certain preservatives identical to those found in nature are allowed along with natural preservation systems for the safety and stability of the product. These include: benzoic acid, its salts and ethyl esters; salicylic acid and its salts; ascorbic acid and its salts; benzyl alcohol.


Sterilization of natural ingredients and their cosmetic end products through radioactive treatment is not allowed.

Independent laboratory certification

The independent testing institute Eco-control in Osterode, Germany evaluates the compliance of the above criteria

Additional points

Full ingredient disclosure

Avoidance of genetically-engineered ingredients

Environmental responsibility regarding raw materials, manufacturing, and packaging

Social responsibility regarding domestic employees and with 3rd World suppliers of raw materials (Fair Trade)

Visit the BDIH click here

We sell products from the following brands which are Certified Natural by the BDIH: 

Sante  Logona  Lavera  Weleda  Farfalla


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