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Books on Ayurveda


The Ageless Woman
Natural  health and beauty after 40

By Dr Nancy Lonsdorf M.D.

Inspiring, informative and empowering it weaves the latest medical discoveries into a unique, highly-effective anti-aging guide for women.  With this guidance every woman can grow in health, beauty, and fulfillment after forty.

Menopause does not have to be a harbinger of accelerated aging and declining health.  In  The Ageless Woman, you will learn how to reclaim menopause as a natural transition that is symptom-free, health-promoting, and spiritually transforming. As the body of evidence against the use of   HRT continues to grow, this book is needed now more than ever. Based on time-tested, natural wisdom, this valuable guide offers a truly natural and complete approach to understanding your body, mind, and symptoms and balancing them without side effects.


Here you'll learn how you can:

-Increase your bone density through exercise rather than drugs or hormones
-Lower your risk of heart attack by eating a wholesome diet instead of taking prescription medication
-Balance your hormones during menopause with spices, grains, vegetables, and legumes
-Use a complete system of natural medicine to help ease your menopausal symptoms and treat the root cause of any health problems, while laying the foundation for vibrant good health in your later years

Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D., medical doctor and highly regarded Ayurvedic physician with over fifteen years of clinical experience, guides you with clarity through the maze of research findings that cover both HRT and natural approaches. You will discover that natural approaches such as diet, exercise, meditation, and stress-reduction techniques are superior to drugs and hormones in their health-giving effects at menopause and beyond.

A practical self-care program that is individualized for you through a series of self-assessment quizzes. It features a unique personalized spice-and-herb program that provides phytoestrogenic support at the same time that it gently purifies your body and eliminates the imbalances that are the real cause of menopausal symptoms. This approach will rejuvenate and balance you from within so that you look and feel radiantly healthy and youthful without the risks and side effects of drugs and hormones. You'll learn that the power to heal lies within you. You are your own best  medicine 

Remedies and Inspiration for Well-being

By Dr Donn brennan

A very good introduction to Ayurveda  and  very easy to read.

Ayurveda is the ancient wholistic health system of India, and is said "to add years to your life and life to your years". Donn Brennan reveals the background of Ayurveda and explains how this system can work for you. He introduces the Ayurvedic principles of health, including the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. With advice on diet and exercise for each dosha, this is the expert guide to enhance your well-being.


Awakening Nature's Healing Intelligence

By Dr Hari Sharma

Hari Sharma explores the human body's inner intelligence, and how it can be harnessed for greater health and well-being. Concentrating on symptoms instead of treatment, he shows how modern science and ancient Ayurveda both point to wholeness as an essential quality of existence.


The Answer to Cancer
Is never Giving It a Chance to Start

By Dr Hari Sharma

A very simple ways to avert a very big calamity and not getting sick
from chemo'. Although the title refers to cancer - a huge killer disease - it describes a range of simple techniques for preventing, alleviating and
often curing a broad range of modern
illnesses. Things we can do from home simply, safely and cheaply. A First Aid book for 21st Century, complete with references for Health
Professionals, it tells:
* Which Indian spice protects your DNA (where cancer starts)
* How cancer cells crave sugar, and how to block sugar cravings
* How to get your body to manufacture Interleukin-2 (a prescription
anti-cancer drug)
* Why natural killer cells are good, and how to keep them flowing
* What food supplement can fight bad toxins without blocking chemotherapy's
'good toxins'
* Simple steps to fight colds, the flu, insomnia and more.


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