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Palette by Nature

We are sorry that we are not currently stocking Palette by Nature Hair Colours. 

If you need to get hold of some, you can order directly from the manufacturers in USA via their website:

We have lots of other natural hair colours here If you need hair colour technical advice on which hair dye to buy please contact Tricia our product expert here.

Resistant Grey
Certain hair types are more difficult to colour with natural hair dyes - such as hair which is very healthy, coarse, smooth or shiny, and certain types of Asian hair. If you have this type of hair which is resistant to the natural colourant then the colour on the grey will be a lighter colour or in some rare cases it will not cover the grey at all. There are some tips that will improve the coverage of resistant grey.  Grey hair at the temples above the ears can be resistant.

Porous Hair Gives a Stronger Colour
Certain hair types which are very porous, weak, bleached or in poor condition will absorb the colour very strongly giving a stronger, darker colour than would be expected for a particular shade. All the more reason to do a strand test the first time you use a new colourant in case the colour is too strong for you.
It says "permanent hair dye" on the box because it is from USA but in the UK we usually call a hair dye that lasts 4-6 weeks semi-permanent.

This product is suitable for people with allergies to chemical  hair dyes. However some people can be allergic natural ingredients too so a patch test is recommended before application.

This product is in liquid form. It is left on for 35 to 40 minutes and requires a hair dryer to be applied for a lot of the time. Click here for Application Instruction Guide

Scalp Staining
It is important to avoid getting the colourant on the scalp during the application as it can stain.
For some people it can be difficult to avoid getting it on the scalp during application. Sometimes when applying just to the roots one can put too much on and it runs down onto the scalp.

This issue of scalp staining is a very individual thing - Some people have a problem with it whilst other people don't have any problem with it. If your hair is fine, straight and flat against your head it seems to be more of a problem than if your hair is thick or curly hair.

Staining of the scalp will not harm you because it is from all natural plant ingredients and it will come off on its own eventually. You can get it off with the natural cleanser which is included in the pack or with lemon juice.

To view the full Ingredients list click here


Permanent or Semi Permanent?
Palette by Nature hair dye is manufactured in USA. It says "permanent hair dye" on the box but it only lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. In the UK we usually call a hair dye that lasts 4-6 weeks semi-permanent.

Why is this product different to other all natural and henna based Colourants?
This product is a revolutionary patent pending natural hair dye which is the result of more than 30 years of cross industrial research. This product is a more potent and a more sophisticated formulation than dry Henna based products.

Palette by nature colourants do use Henna Extract of very high purity but in conjunction with other super pure plant extracts and plant based CI dyes. For example, they developed their own technology of making dye Indigo Carmine CI 73015 from Indigofera Tinctoria. This represents the main principal difference of their product from other all natural hair colourants. These products look like conventional products and are easy to use with free flowing gels, shampoos and conditioners that are all plant based.








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