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Certified Organic Cassia Powder

Certified Organic Cassia Powder
Our Price:  £6.30 
  (34 Reviews)

Stock Code:  E01521
Certification:  Soil Association

Cassia is used for hair conditioning vSoil Assocation Certified Symbololume and shine. It is good for the scalp too. It can be used on its own, or it can mixed with henna and/or indigo paste. Full instructions are enclosed.

Cassia powder looks a bit like henna, and is sometimes known as "colourless henna" or " blonde henna" But cassia is not henna - it comes from a totally different plant.Mising Cassia

If cassia is mixed into a paste and used immediately it has a conditioning effect only and does not give a colour.

If Cassia is soaked in lemon juice it can give a golden tint to blonde, light grey or light-coloured hair.

As with all natural hair colourants the colour is different on different people's hair and a strand test is necessary first to avoid a surprise.

Ingredients: Organic Cassia Auriculata Powder.

Mixing Cassia With Henna for a Strawberry Blonde Effect
You can miCassia mixed with hennax cassia with a small amount of henna to achieve a strawberry blonde colour  See more pictures and instructions for achieving strawberry blonde with cassia and henna (including before and after pictures) here

Cassia on its own is not a very strong blonde colour.  Mixing Cassia with Henna gives the cassia more depth of colour. Soaking both the cassia and henna together in something acid is necessary to bring out this colour effect.




 See more  Before and After Hair Colour Pictures   from customers

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Customer Reviews
Average Rating (34 Reviews):  
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Arrived very quickly
Monday, 27 February 2017  |  Nicolette

Great Cassia, would buy again.

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Lovely soft hair
Wednesday, 3 August 2016  |  Clare

Really impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality of the powder. Have used cassia in the past and liked the effect on my ginger hair. I'm getting a few greys now, so I wanted to warm them up. I have done an initial gloss with cassia and a pinch of henna. The condition of my hair is great, it is thicker and softer. I left the mix for an hour and although the greys are still there, they have a subtle golden hue. Next time I am going to bite the bullet and do a full colour increasing the amount of henna and leaving it on longer.

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Cassia Powder
Monday, 20 June 2016  |  M

Bought with the henna powder as it's pretty much colourless on its own despite soaking it in lemon juice, so definitely needs to be mixed with some henna. No problems with the quality of the products and they haven't irritated my sensitive skin, but still experimenting to get the correct colour!
Delivery was quick and efficient. Thanks

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Excellent product
Tuesday, 17 May 2016  |  Shelley

I always use Henna and recently found this site. I mix Cassia with a tiny amount of henna and a little rhubarb root and fresh orange juice to give a wonderful strawberry blonde colour and SO shiny and in wonderful condition . My colour has been referred to as "ginger " by jealous people who have "block" colour on their hair from chemical products

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2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

I am impressed
Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Mel

Impressed with the fast delivery and I like the product. I have been using henna for over 10 years but now trying to change my whites into a light gold/blondy tone and it seems to work. I use it with a little henna and hope that applying it repeatedly will make the Cassia stick eventually for weeks to come. Will order more. Thank you!

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Cassia powder
Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Catherine

Great service & great product - will definitely be ordering again - thank you

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Works Wonders
Thursday, 7 April 2016  |  Chanel

I've seen a lot of videos regarding this product on youtube and i'm glad I tried it. Made afro hair soft and well detangled. Definitely part of my regime. If you haven't tried I suggest you give it a go.

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Cassia Powder
Tuesday, 8 December 2015  |  Shelley

This had no colouring effect on my grey hair at all. It may work as a conditioner

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You do need to soak it in acidic liquid to bring out the light golden tint on grey hair. If the rest of your hair were dark it may not show up in contrast.

Monday, 7 December 2015  |  Cheryl

Bought Cassia powder to tone down the intensity of copper henna so I mix the two together to get the colour I want (with experimentation each time).
The added bonus is that the Cassia gives the mix a creaminess and makes it easier to apply than henna alone.
I love the fact that the cassia is organic, especially as it's sitting next to my scalp for two hours and that it will be gradually coming off (and washing over me) in the shower).
Great stuff, I'll definitely buy it again

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No Longer Gandalf The White
Tuesday, 4 August 2015  |  Melanie

Having now reached my early 40s. I had grown a purely reasonable one or two pure white hairs. Or so I thought. But I was recently rudely informed by my very tall son; While staring down at me. That this was no longer the case. WOW.... look at ALL your grey hair! point... point! ARGH! Tact is not his strong point.

When I got home, I took a long look at my hair. My once naturally red hair, had dulled down to a none descript shade, that I believe is called, Middle Aged Boring.
I decided it was time to look for a hair dye, that covered the grey. Before I became Gandalf the white. (thou shall not pass)

I must also add that, I have suddenly become highly sensitive to anything on my skin. I don't know if this is, an... you have officially become an old fart, thing. But every beauty product seems to turn me bright tomato red (a flattering look) or burn my skin with the heat of a small sun. Or both (oddness)

In addition; I haven't really dyed my hair before just a few wash in hair tints. Having natural red hair; I could never be sure of the result. And also being a closet hypochondriac and a prize chicken. I was totally worried that it might turn a drastic shade of green; Or I might just swell up and die and end up that bizarre death you read about on the internet. That in-turn creates future hypochondriacs and prize chickens.

So this led me to start investigating plant dyes and I easily found Henna. Although I loved the photo's on the internet. I felt It was to vivid a colour for me. I did a little more reading and found Cassia and Indigo. I liked the way you can mix the ingredients to make your own colour. I think it appealed to my artistic side and it also looked quite fun.

So after about three weeks of reading and watching You Tube videos of Henna mistakes, always a good one to start with!

I decided to take the plunge. I started a test with hair saved from my brush and a skin test.

Made a paste up
3 level tablespoons Cassia
1 heaped teaspoon Henna
3 tablespoons lemon juice and mixed into a loose paste. yogurt consistency.

A word of caution..... Cover The Sample; just in case your dog might decided to jump up and have a quick taste while your back is turned (JUST SAYING)

Then I told dog off; had a glass of wine. And applied a small amount of the sample to a sticking plaster and put it on the inside of my elbow. (left for 24 hours no allergy's and the dog survived bonus!

Coved the remainder of the mixture with Clingfilm. left it overnight. The following morning coated my hair sample wrapped it with Clingfilm... and this is going to sound odd; put it under my armpit (to match body heat)

Then sat down and watched a film (Gone Girl not a bad thriller)
So it was left to develop 1 hour 40mins roughly the colour change was quite drastic! Dark copper red. And in the sun really vivid copper. Lovely but a bit bright for me.

So my next step; was use to the remainder of the test paste then combine it with 3 heaped tablespoons of fresh cassia and warm chamomile tea to make a light gloss to try on my hair for my first attempt.

Now knowing that adding the additional cassia with the pre soaked mixture I previously made would dilute the DARK COPPER colour and make a more golden shade. Then I put my gloves on and rubbed it into my hair thoroughly. I needed to make a little more next time although my hair is shoulder length I didn't make quite as much as I needed but did manage to cover my full head of hair reasonably.

I wrapped my head with Clingfilm that bit was fiddly. Then wrapped a towel over that.
Set the timer on my phone for 30mins and waited. Then rinsed it out with water and then conditioner and water. As this was a the first test on my actual hair and remember I do panic lol

The result was BRILLIANT. I loved how my hair felt and the shine was amazing. The colour change was very subtle but noticeable to me.
I waited for seven days to see how the colour changed and it just really stayed the same my hair had never felt so good the grey's were very, very, slightly tinted and were still visible.

So after a week I decided to go for a full colour.

Six heaped table spoons Cassia
one average teaspoon of henna
six table spoons lemon juice
Then added warm chamomile tea to get the correct consistency left over night to release dye.

Before colouring I washed my hair with the Lemon clarifying shampoo you can also get on this site, smells lovely and a little goes a long way.

I applied the mixture thickly all over my head this amount gave a good coverage. And I used a plastic bag tied over my head instead of Clingfilm this was easier for me. Then I covered my head with a towel.

Left the mixture on for an about an hour give or take a min. I'm still cautious about timings and I've read that the colour will build over time. So I'm just taking it slow for now.

The mixture washes out extremely easily and I think that's a testament to the quality of the products sold here.

As I read the cheaper Henna can be full of large bits and even small sticks. Not the fine power sold here. I rinsed my hair first with plain water then applied conditioner for the final two mins.

The whole process was very easy and I really enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed do this and the results are totally amazing. I shall be happily colouring my hair now; and this is the only way I'll be doing it.

I now have strawberry blond hair with light a coppery tint to it and when the sun shines its fantastic! My hair is so soft it doesn't even feel like my hair lol

My husband loves it. And my son was amazed that it's done such a great job at beating the grey. My grey's have all turned a shining golden blond they look like highlights. I love it!

And I shall be placing all future orders with you, thanks you for the great service and products.
If you're thinking of having a go trying henna and cassia then I would highly recommend the products and the information on Suvarna and have a go; Just read up and test first. You will not regret it.

Many Thanks

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20 of 20 people found this review helpful.

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