Logona Natural Hair Dyes

Enjoy healthy, glossy hair coloured to a fresh and lively shade using Logona Natural Herbal Hair Dyes.

100% natural ingredients!

These natural hair dyes contain only natural plant colourants and conditioning ingredients, such as certified organically grown henna, walnut shells and buckthorn bark.

Chemical Free

These natural hair dyes contain no PPD, peroxide, preservative, ammonia or any other chemicals.  You can dye your hair with complete safety even if you have sensitive skin and allergies.

They are certified by the BDIH which is governed by the German Ecocert which is similar to the soil association.  

They are semi permanent dyes and last for 6 to 8 weeks.

You can achieve coverage of Grey hair with Logona herbal hair colours.  Before choosing the shade we recommend you read the information on  covering grey.

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Whether you want the dye to add depth or a subtle nuance to your existing colour, or to change your hair colour altogether, these natural hair dyes do the job without damaging your natural hair structure.  They strengthen, condition and make your hair more glossy.

They are available as Herbal Hair Colourant Powders (10 Shades) or Colour Creams (5 Shades) for easy application.

Please note that natural dyes without chemicals cannot radically change in your hair colour - white hair cannot become a dark colour.  You cannot lighten your hair with natural dyes.


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Logona Chemical Free Natural Hair Dye Powders

Logona Chemical Free Natural Hair Dye Powders£8.95Add to Basket

Chemical Free 100% Natural Hair Colours in 10 beautiful shades. With organic henna and other plant colourants.More Info...

Logona Colour Plus Cleanser

Logona Colour Plus Cleanser£8.95Add to Basket

Logona Colour Plus is a natural cleanser used as a preparation before hair colouring with Logona Hair Colours.

More Info...
Logona Hair Colourant Applicator Brush

Logona Hair Colourant Applicator Brush£1.95Add to Basket

This double sided brush and comb makes the ideal tool for applying both the Logona Herbal Hair Colour powders

More Info...
Logona Natural Colour Conditioner

Logona Natural Colour Conditioner£11.95Add to Basket

Logona Natural Colour Conditioner is for prolonging your hairís Colour after using Logona Hair Colours.

More Info...
Logona Natural Hair Colour Creams

Logona Natural Hair Colour Creams£15.95Add to Basket

100% natural colourant. A ready to use cream formula - simply squeeze out of the tube and apply.

More Info...

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