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Before-and-After Hair Dye Gallery: Red, Mahogany, and Auburn

It is great to see other peoples experiences of different hair colours!  Remember that different hair colours will react differently to different peoples hair so you may not get the same result as someone else.  If you use our natural hair dyes, why not send us your before and after pics?

We also have a gallery of blonde and strawberry blonde dyes and a gallery of brown dyes, just click the links to see them.  

Sante Mahogany on Brown and Bleached hair
The colour below was done with Sante Mahogany left on for 1.5 hours...although she did put some bleach on before which will effect the colour, probably making it more orange than it would otherwise have been


Its Pure Organics Henna and Indigo (with more henna than indigo)
The hair colour below was acheived by using 2 parts henna to 1 part indigo. The paste was left on for 4.5 hours. It was a bit orangey when it was first washed out but it deepened over a few days to this deep rich colour below right.


Its Pure Organics Soil Association Certified Henna
Liz below used Its Pure Organics Henna. She says:  “I am very fussy what I will use on my hair which is a very light red naturally. Using your brilliant Organic henna...I only mix it with lemon juice and a little water leave for at least 24 hrs to develop and if it's too thick I have found mixing conditioner helps it to be easier to spread over the hair 3 or 4 hours later I have an amazing henna glow. Any leftover henna freezes and is easy to use just on your roots as a top up!”


 We also have a gallery of blonde and strawberry blonde dyes and a gallery of brown dyes, just click the links to see them.  

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