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Lifting colour from a too dark hair dye

Friday, 22 June 2012  |  Tricia

Lifting Natural Hair Dye Colour
Natural hair dyes are usually semi-permanent so they will fade graduaDark hairlly. Sometimes they can fade quite a lot in the first week.  Generally, brown and black natural hair dye colours will fade more quickly than red natural hair dyes – the less henna, the more quickly it will fade. 

Tips for lifting henna, indigo and natural powder hair dyes such as Logona and It's Pure

  1. Soak your hair in oil (e.g. olive oil or almond oil) and wrap in plastic or cling film. Leave to soak for a few hours, then shampoo it out. This method is of course very moisturising where of some of the other methods are drying.
  2. Wash your hair more often.
  3. Rinsing with lemon juice solution may help to rinse out the colour. Lemon juice also has a temporary lightening effect.
  4. Some people use a recipe with honey to remove or lighten henna but I have no experience of this so I cannot give guidance. Have a look online if you’re interested.
  5. Expose your hair to the sun to bleach it.
  6. There is a dye-lifting recipe using baking soda, but it is drying and harsh on your hair. Mix half baking soda with half shampoo into a paste. Apply to your hair, wrap with plastic, and leave for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse off and condition your hair well to counteract the drying effect.
  7. Vitamin C powder (which you can buy from health food stores) is reputed to lighten hair dyes.  Mix vitamin C powder to a paste with a shampoo, apply it to your hair, wrap with plastic, leave it for 30 to 60 minutes, then rinse out. Condition your hair.  This method is supposed to be more gentle than the baking soda method above.
  8. Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is reputed to lift off some hair dye colour.

I can’t guarantee any of the above will work well for you, because there are just so many variables, and everyone's hair is different. Most of the techniques for lifting hair dye are drying to hair except for the method using oils.

If you resort to chemically bleaching your hair to lighten the colour we strongly recommend you strand test an inconspicuous area of your hair first. This is because chemically bleaching on top of henna and indigo based hair colours can go an unpredictable colour. 

If your interested in these I also suggest you Google these techniques to find more information on blogs and Youtube.

If you have any experience of removing natural and henna hair dyes, I would love to hear about it!

For toning down hair that has gone too red from henna click here

Lifting the dye from Palette by Nature dyed hair:
Palette by Nature recommend rinsing your hair with a solution made with half lemon juice and half water, if their hair dyes have gone too dark.

Lifting the colour off chemical dyed hair:
We don’t sell or recommend using chemical dyes but we thought this problem worth mentioning here. You can of course try any of the techniques listed above to lighten chemical dyes, but they will probably be less effective on a permanent chemical dye than they are on natural dye. 

If you used a semi-permanent chemical hair dye, this will fade quickly on its own, but can be made to fade more quickly by washing your hair more often. If you want to lift off permanent chemical dye colour that is too dark, you can buy clarifying shampoos in shops like Boots which lift off a bit of hair dye colour. You can buy stronger, specialised chemical products to strip chemical colour off your hair – but these are tricky to use. 

If your hair was coloured at the hairdressers, they will probably have some product they can use to strip off some colour.

If your hair has been lightened with peroxide and it is lighter than you wanted then you cannot strip off the colour but you can add more colour to make it darker.
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